Can't get 2 players mode to work

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User Info: monk12345

10 years ago#1
Tried to play co-op with my friend today, but me and friend kept getting this error message. My adhoc was definitely one and the it's definitely still working, since we played monster hunter after that. Does anyone know what's the problem?
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User Info: kaydash_wiz

10 years ago#2
One player MUST enter the game.
When the map of the battlefield appears (That screen),
press SELECT to allow 2nd player to join.

Have the 2nd player enter the '2P Matching',
then the co-op game begins.

User Info: CI254

10 years ago#3
I assume you two are using the ISO?
I got that with my friend, too. Make sure you two are running on the same Clockspeed on the system itself. Also Player 1 will get a message that also has a "Press Circle" thing and that cancels it. Just wait it out for a moment and Player 2 will connect.

I did have one case of desyncing though, but that was the only time it happened.
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  3. Can't get 2 players mode to work

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