Does the US version have english voiceovers?

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User Info: LeonaV

10 years ago#1
If so, then I am going for the JP version. The voiceovers for all Koei games have been terrible so far.

User Info: kennm

10 years ago#2
Totally agree with u =P.. english voiceovers hardly brings out the personality of the characters.. in my opinion..
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User Info: snesmaster40

10 years ago#3
The English voiceovers for Warriors Orochi was great
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User Info: Aries489

10 years ago#4
.....Liu Bei...
.. WARR...

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User Info: aznclem

10 years ago#5
lol.. i don't like the english voiceover...
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User Info: MoxManiac

10 years ago#6
Most of the voices have been removed from the PSP version, anyways.

User Info: caimot

10 years ago#7
yeah, jus the nanarator and cutscenes mostly.....and when you defeat an officer
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User Info: LeonaV

10 years ago#8
Just got it.

Basically there's only voiceovers when there are cutscenes. Even the cutscenes are just pictures with people talking in comic bubbles.

User Info: nic2000

10 years ago#9

watch this. its the English trailer. i think the voices is .......

User Info: NXMT

9 years ago#10
Muh for the English voice overs.

YEAH! for portable Orochi so all else matters little
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