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User Info: Vampheric

12 years ago#1
Yes, i know there is already a confirmed weapon post, but its old.. [i]really[/i] old. So here,

A list of perks and Weapons that are in the game. AND a little info about the game.

Call of Duty: World at War will utilise the Call of Duty 4 engine but the developer has also added various enhancements, such as the ability the burn down buildings and foliage."

Multiplayer perks are also back, including some of the favourites from Call of Duty 4, but there will also be new ones that better suit the time period. The game also features new weapons for the series, such as the flamethrower, which according to OXM, can melt the skin off of your enemies and set ablaze grass and wooden buildings. vehicles in MP. There will be maps for infantry and maps for vehicles. We where told they will have a good selection of maps.

Treyarch is promising that this new instalment of Call of Duty will be the darkest one yet and are dedicated to making the best game they can. Moving from outdoors to in will affect your vision. Your vision will take a few second to adjust to the change in environment, meaning running into a dimly lit bunker will have you at a disadvantage for 1 or 2 seconds before you will be able to see clearly.
They have had two years of development time, rather than the 11 months they had for Call of Duty 3. And this time they have specific teams working on all the different versions, with the Xbox 360 version acting as the lead.



- Juggernaut (Confirmed by Treyarch in interview)
- Sleight of Hand
- Extreme Conditioning
- Martyrdom (Confirmed by Treyarch in interview)
- Steady Aim
- Bandoleer
- Iron Lungs
- Stopping Power (August issue of Xbox Magazine)
- Deep Impact (August issue of Xbox Magazine)
- Sonic Boom [adds the ability to spread a deadlier & vaster sea of fire]
- Last Stand
- Monkey [Climbing trees]
- Frogman [Faster Swimming]
- Play Dead [Ability to fake death]
- Crouch Sprinter [Allows you to sprint while being in crouch position/cover]
- Banzai [Allows you to draw, charge & use your melee weapons alot faster (even when sprinting), providing more damage to the enemy]

Call Of Duty 5: World At War Guns and Explosvies

M1A1 Thompson
M1A1 Carbine
M1 Garand
Trench Shotgun
Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R)
M1903 Springfield
M1903 Springfield Scoped
M2 Flamethrower
M1911 (also known as Colt 45)
M9 Bazooka
Browning M1919A6
M2 Machine Gun

MK2 Frag Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Satchel Charges

Russian Weapons:
Mosin Nagant
Mosin Nagant Scoped
PPSH (71 round Drum Magazine)
PPSH (31 round Banana Magazine)


German Weapons:
P08 Luger
Kar98 scoped

Stielhand granate

Japanese Weapons:
Nambu 14
Arisaka Type 99
Type 100 Submachine gun

Kiska Grenade

British Weapons:

the dawn is breaking, welcome a new day
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User Info: ps3wizard45

12 years ago#2
so they have martydom ........:(

User Info: shnoob2

12 years ago#3
There are British? Will there be more British weapons for use in the Pacific? No Gewehr43 for the Germans? Boo!!!
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User Info: gamehell321

12 years ago#4
The Gewehr 43 is a very limited weapon, very rare, but still seen rarely.

User Info: brawlmen1990

12 years ago#5
i am soooooooooo using the monkey perks.

prepare for the complaints about Martydom
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User Info: Abercrombie6969

12 years ago#6

Im probably going to use the Japanese, I like a good challenge

User Info: ThaFallenAngel

12 years ago#7

User Info: ry_mann

12 years ago#8
You forgot vehicle perks.

Also, it will introduce
Vehicle perks

- "Extra armour" (Juggernaut for Vehicles)
- "Lightweight tank/vehicle" (Your Ride becomes Faster, but it will be Weaker)
- "Mechanic" (you can repair Vehicles to a limited extent)
- Chameleon (Adds vegetation foliage Camo for better concealment. Tank Only)
- Lubricant (Faster turrent movement. Tank Only)
- Machine Gunner (Adds a machine gun to any vehicle that can be fitted with one)
- Tank Commander (Your tank becomes the teams spawn point)
- Optics (Interior tank view for zoomed and more precise targeting)
- High-explosive (HE) Round (Does more damage to infantry and has a higher blast radius, good for taking out groups but is weak against tanks)
- Armour-piercing (AP) (Does more damage to tanks but is weak against infantry)
- Dragon (Adds a flamethrower to your tank but other weapons are disabled. Tank Only)

more perks but for vehicles
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User Info: fortunzfavor

12 years ago#9
Vampheric, not only have you been blogged, but News4gamers has picked up your list.

Original: http://www.wiihd.net/rumor:082308-waw-perks
N4G: http://n4g.com/NewsCom-188669.aspx?

As well as various other forums and outlets. Thought you'd like to know.

User Info: bandw2

12 years ago#10

are vehicle perks liek perk 4?

and also karma chameleon! and monkey! lol

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