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  3. Here's a fix for the FOV setting.

User Info: wvfoos

12 years ago#1
Want your cg_fov 80 like cod4 allowed you?

COD5, for some reason screwed it up and changes it back to fov 65 every time you spawn.

Bind your forward key like this:

/bind <forward key> +forward;cg_fov 80

That way, every time you push the forward key, it will change your fov to 80.
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User Info: wader8

12 years ago#2
Many thanks ... ... COD5 is really buggy ... furthermore they didn't fixed the jumping camera at death bug from cod4 .... they didn't made the streak power queue system .... they used a cod4 engine means this was a lazy job not fixing and even let more bugs than cod4 ever had at launch.

User Info: wader8

12 years ago#3
OH what about singleplayer ... omfg
In singleplayer the FOV doesn't even WORK. ...Tried dev mode ... nothing , tried config.cfg ... nope

User Info: rush2428

12 years ago#4

This works perfectly. Open up your console and type devmap "mapname" and press enter. Bring down the console again once te map loads and type cg_fov 90 or whatever you want as you field of view. The mapnames can be gained from most cheat sites as I don't have them handy. Here's and example for the Maken Map. Open console and type "devpmap mak" and press enter. You will have to do this for every map. In other words, once you beat a stage you will have to repeat the entire process.




User Info: rush2428

12 years ago#5



Here are the mapnames



1. mak

2. pel1

3. pel2

4. sniper

5. see1

6. pel1a

7. pel1b

8. see2

9. ber1

10. ber2

11. pby_fly

12. oki2

13. oki3

14. ber3

15. ber3b


 Open console type devmap "mapname" enter

 then open console type "cg_fov "value" enter


User Info: Deadring3

12 years ago#6
Don't forget: nazi_zombie_prototype

I know it's a banned word, but I'm not yelling it at someone.

User Info: skullman1

12 years ago#7
I know part of the fg42 model is cut off if you go beyond 60 or 65 (the butt of the gun isn't complete) so maybe treyarch locked fov because more guns are like that? : \

User Info: Kenshu_Joker

12 years ago#8
"/bind <forward key> +forward;cg_fov 80"
everytime i type this in console it never works
could you please elaborate on exactally how to do this?
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  3. Here's a fix for the FOV setting.
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