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User Info: wrtbks

10 years ago#1

I have installed the game four times and cannot get it to start-up. I can run Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2 at 1920 x1200 by the way...  The Activision site does have Patch v1.1, which I installed. I also installed the latest version of DirectX.  According to Activision's site they are aware of start-up issues and suggest to reduce resolutions to 800 x 600 and shut down all background programs...did that to and nothing works...it simply crashes at start-up every time.

For $50 bucks and to have a patch out on the day of release and acknowledge the issues but not allow the game to work on a high-end Dell XPS gaming machine is ridiculous! Shame on you Activision...you suck! I am calling customer support in the AM for a refund.

User Info: paullywog

10 years ago#2
Calm down, update direct x 9 even though i'm sure you think you have the latest version. Also try alt tabbing to the desktop and back into the game. Run the game as an administrator.

User Info: wrtbks

10 years ago#3
I tried all your suggestions and they don't fix the issue. The game still fails to launch. I went ahead and reinstalled DirectX with the latest version and it still doesn't work. The game had been previously launched as Admin. Thanks for the help...but the game is toast.

User Info: ckX82

10 years ago#4
I can't start it either, this is unbelievable....
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User Info: amauris75

10 years ago#5

I was having a similar issue where when I tried to run the game, the screen would go black as if the game was going to start but then it would just crash back to the desktop. The only thing that was able to fix my issue was adjusting my soundcard options. I set the sound option to: 24 bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality) under my "Speaker properties> Advanced Tab. I have a Creative X-Fi Platinum. Hope this fixes your problem since it fixed it for me. Let me know if it does.


User Info: worldwar24

10 years ago#6
Same here, am uninstalling/re-installing now ... will try different drivers etc [running on Intel dual core e6700, 2gb ram and 280gtx] - If I can't fix this tonight - it goes back to the store tomorrow!!
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User Info: MajinDante

10 years ago#7
THE SOUND CARD OPTION WORKED I JUST DID IT, I'M IN GAME NOW......damn, sorry for caps haha.

User Info: harshahorizon

10 years ago#8

dude(amauris75) you rocks rocks and rocks , your a sound trick works .thanks lot dude.


User Info: alphacee

10 years ago#9

i cant figure out how to change my sound card potions i have a relteck ac97 audio that came on my compaq last yr. i can play everything else i try but not cod5, cod4 runs fine on high res. please help .ican by a sound card but i dont want to waste anymore money .

User Info: gkublock

10 years ago#10

I am having the same problem!

I was looking forward to playing this game all day but after installation when I try to start a solo game, the screen goes black then crashes back to the desktop!

I then tried to start a mutiplayer game and the same thing happens except I get a 'send, don't send' error and the following message:

'Error during Initialization: Unhandled exception caught'

I have read on various forums that it is an issue with the sound settings but I am unable to change the sample rate in XP

I have an Creative Audigy 2 sound card and I have just updated the driver for this. I have also installed direct X from the COD WaW disk but these make no difference. Even when I switch to onboard sound (Realtek) it still crashes. I have yet to install the patch but I've heard this doesnt solve the problem.

Anyone have any Ideas as to how this problem can be solved? I know I am not the only one with this issue as it seems many others on various forums do too.

Please help! I have not had this problem with COD4 and this is incredibly frustrating!


Thanks in advance.


Core 2 Duo 3GHZ

Nvidia 8800GTX

Nvidia 680i Motherboard

4GB Ram

Creative Labs Audigy 2 Sound card + Realtek Onboard Sound

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