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User Info: Darkest_Evil

6 years ago#1
First off explore and kill everything.. adventure mode has endless continues and a save feature. Kill everything from meteors, to asteroids, to ships, to towers, to turrets, to crate boxes.

Collect all blue crystals to activate your level warp and collect all purple crystals to unlock the secret levels.

Kill everything and try to get powerups to upgrade your cannon by collecting the big blue circles. Use your sheild by double tapping rb and reflect shots against bigger enemies.

Use your directional pad to select rip weapons when you unlock them.. the longer your alive and bigger combos the sooner you wiil unlock these.

Scanner beacon=up
Pulse cannon=left
heat seaker missiles-right
Shield Torch-down

You need to use the scanner beacon when you find the jump pads and scan with the right direction stick. Use this also when you destroy the boss ships from secret levels. A core will appear after the explosion.

Use shield to get through purple clouds or your radar will be temp disabled and also use shield to go though fire.

Lb lets you fly backwards and y is turbo thruster.. youll need to use turbo alot to get away from the toxic dumpster boss and nail him with the torch or pulse cannon.

Last boss can be killed easily with powered up light scanner and pulse cannon/torch when hes in his cloud hiding.

Score attack take your time and try not to die... get 100% crystals.

1000 frag deathmatch set the game to rank and let them search quick match for this.
Do Not Quit or disconect during the match or all kills will not be counted and the other players will have zero kills. This is one of the dumbest acheivements since the description has no details. I don't think you can do this split screen death match and you need at least 3 people.

Pick the green poison ship and hold B to poison everyone.. rest of the players pick weak ships and the blue one does the killing if you want to boost it. If not just pick what ship you like. You have A, X, B as your weapons and the trigger.. some ships have multiple power up shots by holding down the button or activating a ship transformation with one of the buttons which can turn your ship into double shot or a powered up shot.

This game is a pain to get the hang of at first but once you figure it out it can be as fun as aegis wing.

If theres a game to compare it to it would be time pilot and asteroids put together with dialogue and power ups.

I bashed the game for years cause i never really tried it but once you play through it the game isnt as bad as it seams but its not the best either.
Score attack seams to be the best mode out of the game though if people played deathmatch it might have been fun..

Anyone needing help send me a message as i just completed the game.. just need to do speed run by beating each level quick as possible. someone said you cant continue or it doesnt count but i havnt done it yet to see.
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