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User Info: Quanrian

10 years ago#1
In the unlikely event more gets added there are a few things I wouldn't mind seeing. The first is simply online co-op, which seems like it would of been there and at first I even thought it was. Secondly I wouldn't mind a single player mode where I can use the other ships. That's it, and to whomever it may concern you can feel free to debate, debunk or simply add your own suggestions.

User Info: SweetToothKane

10 years ago#2
A capture the flag mode would be pretty cool I think. Also, zones could be cool too because you'd need some offensive players and some defensive.
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User Info: Entar99

10 years ago#3
Any team based games would be great, including just good old team deathmatch. I agree though, I can see a lot of potential for CTF or other objective games too.
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