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User Info: TekZombie

10 years ago#1
Quite simply, this game is wicked fun!

Awesome controls (the more time you put into them the better you become!), slick new gameplay that brings with it a unique experience, enemy AI that provides a good challenge for skilled players. Multiplayer is a blast!

Personally, I purchased this over Galaga Legions and 1942 Joint Strike because they were underwhelming and insignificant compared to what this game offered.

Playing this game brings back memories of games I played in the 80's and adds so much more!

This is the game that I thought Wing Commander for XBLA was going to be....but better!

Great job devs! Way to put the smack down on the competition.

User Info: GameOz

10 years ago#2
10: Provisional (1)


Call me a skeptic but it is hard to believe that your first post would be about how great this game is. I think you are the second or third provisional user that has praised this game. I am guessing you guys worked on the game.

No More Heroes is pretty much the greatest game ever made.

User Info: TekZombie

10 years ago#3
This topic was really just a tongue-in-cheek response to Trisha's pointless (and endless) bashing of this game. If you care, visit the following topic and you'll see my post was almost exactly opposite the one titled "The reason this wasn't part of the 'Summer of Arcade' promotion..."

Actually, I just joined this forum yesterday and have made several posts since then. Mostly because I'm bored lately but also because I really have enjoyed the game and the developers recommended this community on their site (still scratching my head on that call).

Everything I said was true with a little exaggeration and sarcasm thrown in for good measure (although I admit it isn't obvious unless directly compared with said topic). I never understood why people don't just state their opinion and move on....until now. This stuff is addicting like crack so I suspect I'm long overdue for an Intervention of sorts. That's actually a good reality show on A&E (stateside anyway...not sure about the squares on the other side of the pond) and no, I don't work production for Intervention either but it's likely I'll be accused of it regardless.

Okay, I'm rambling like some others on this forum so I'll stop but before I go I must say it really is easy to get sucked into forum posting but it can be about as mind numbing as playing Halo 3 with a party of 12 year olds over Live. Okay, not quite that bad...but close.

Relax y'all, kick back and enjoy this good game until the next comes out.. It's all good in my neighborhood!! How about yours?

2 bucks says I get sucked back into yet another forum topic....damn the luck. It's like crack I tell ya!

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

10 years ago#4
come on Tek, you're better than this.

User Info: jammies

10 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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