Cool game. Now we need Weaponlord!!!!

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User Info: jvisgaitis

10 years ago#1
Shreb Nebula is a very cool game. Controls are a bit tough to get used to but the depth it has in strategy in skill is pretty much what I expected from DJames. I haven't spent a ton of time with it, but I really enjoyed what I've played so far.

I just one to put out one request for a redux on Weaponlord. That is STILL my favorite fighting game of all time and with all of the fighting games like MK and SF going back to their earlier roots, it would be a perfect time to unleash Weaponlord on the masses. I'd love to hear "Korr is Victorious" in HD.

User Info: El_Gimpo

10 years ago#2
I TOTALLY agree with this. I've been waiting for a Weaponlord update with the release of every console after the Super Nintendo. I loved that game for all of its innovations -- the first active defense (parry) system, death moves as part of finishing combos only, etc. Hell, I've even wished they used some of the characters as guests in the Soul Calibur series (both developed or published by NAMCO). Jen-Tai instead of Heihachi, anyone?
"To die is not dishonor, but better you than me." -- Hanzo Hattori, Samurai Spirits
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  3. Cool game. Now we need Weaponlord!!!!

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