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User Info: niallo

10 years ago#1
I've been waiting for this game for quite a while, as I loved older games such as Gravitar, Oids, Thrust etc.

If you know the games I mentioned you'd guess that I wish that Shred Nebula could be controlled by rotating the ship rather than 'true direction'.

To be honest, after years of playing games like that, I find it quite hard to play this game, even though I want to love it. I just instinctively want to turn.

I've seen other posts mentioning the control system, and (wonderfully) devs here defending their design decisions. But options are what we need. Options. I get why some people wouldn't like rotating control - others need it.

So, is there any chance a patch or v2 or something might have that kind of option? I guess not, but it's a real shame for such a good game to be let down by a choice that never needed to be made.

User Info: BlazeUrFace

10 years ago#2
Totally agree about the control issue. I downloaded the demo and just couldn't get used to the left-stick exact direction type control. I was trying to rotate it like I'm used to in other similar games. Oh well, maybe it's just me sucking, but I don't think I'll be downloading the full version...too many other great games to play for me to spend time getting used to that left stick control...
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User Info: GameOz

10 years ago#3
I also agree about the control issues but doubt they will ever patch them.

I am guessing that I could get use to the controls. But why am I going to buy a game that I have to get use to, when there are so many other games out there to pick from?
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User Info: betakaz

10 years ago#4
heh yeah in some ways it takes a hit from looking/reminding us of similiar games -> expectations
as much as we expected rotation, it'd at least have to be [very] quick for their pacing/play

maybe it'd still work though, but per another post I had on this board, I can see the choice
it's not the inertia/rotate game some [most?] expected, so it does surprise, to be sure

User Info: gordojones

10 years ago#5

I've been looking forward to this space shooter the last few months and knew it was not a twin stick shooter ala GeoWars. But having the forward thrust on the left analog trigger, the braking thrust on the left bumper, and the absolute directional control on the left analog stick is just too non-intuitive for me. What a shame about how awkward the control layout turned out.

Put the thrust on the right trigger would seem to fix this issue.

I already have it setup with:

a = fire

b = shield/reflect

x = secondary fire

User Info: gunfart

10 years ago#6
I think the problem is most people are playing it asteroids style (tapping the thrust) You really need to just go balls out on the thrust and learn how to control the ship while it's moving.

User Info: WandererICO

10 years ago#7
My sugestion would be to offer an option for inversing controls, specifically for LB revers. I would find it much easier to have those controls the same as LT controls believe it or not, as right now I am finding LB to be the hardest part of the controls.
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User Info: Dark_Link_klb

10 years ago#8
you know guys, i initially had the same reaction to the control scheme but let me tell you, play through the campaign at least one time or try your hand at score attack and you get used to the control scheme soon enough...im actually beginning to like the controls myself.

User Info: BlazeUrFace

10 years ago#9
Well, my big thing is I don't want to have to play through a single player campaign of a game before I can start to get used to the controls. I already have enough games that aren't getting played to waste my time learning awkward controls. I'm not saying these controls should be banished, just stating my personal preference.
"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." - HST

User Info: SilverevoVIII

10 years ago#10
I think too many people are nit-picking. like any game you have to figure out what does what and while its a b x y lt rt etc, there are usually hidden special attacks. Like most of you i was cursing up the controls out loud and wished they would have had a patch to change the controls. After i realized i need to be a bit smoother and slower with my movement, in about 30 minutes it all gelled. Dont dismis a game because its not familiar. Thats more of a cop out than anything.
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