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User Info: RvLeshrac

9 years ago#1
tl;dr: Sod off, the post isn't for you
Before commenting, I'm going to point out that I purchased the game, and am currently what looks to be about halfway through the storyline. I'm also going to point out that a few people are listed on the leaderboards as having completed the game on a single credit - this would seem to kill a few of my points, until you realise that they're doing a jump-in/jump-out style of play.

There seem to be a few flaws that are turning people off. Most of which, I agree with completely.

The first (and most major) flaw is control. The game seems to lend itself far more toward Robotron/GW/etc-style analog movement/firing controls. I'm not sure why these weren't used, other than, possibly, difficulty concerns. I've even devised a controller arrangement:

LT: Thrust RT: Reverse Thrust (allowing for multi-level reverse)
LB: Hyper RB: Subweapon toggle (press or hold, options switch)
LStick: Movement RStick: Weapon aiming (Turreted)/Click: Secondary
DPad: Subweapon switch
X: Shield Y: Turbo
A: None B: Special

Not rocket science here, just good human-interface design. I've placed Hyperjump on LB because you can't hyperjump and do anything else. I've placed Shield on X because putting up your shield effectively disables all of your controls except Thrust.

I've made the Subweapon a RB toggle because it is nigh-impossible to fire main and subweapons simultaneously.

I've left the secondary fire alone because, well, it should be. It gives you a reason to turn around. (With a control scheme like this, I'd be all for removing the "upgraded" 4-shot secondary on the RIP.) As thing stand now, I rarely use the secondary weapon. Smaller enemies close far too fast for it to be viable against targets it can destroy, and larger enemies tend to kill LOS, making it impossible to trigger a blast.

The second flaw is difficulty, which would be easily addressed by the above. Especially when dealing with nebula-spewing enemies. Once you've been caught in a blast of Toxin, you're dead. The toxin will drain your shield rapidly, you cannot turbo out when your shield is enabled (you're slow enough in a cloud that it does not matter anyway), and you further have enemy fire to deal with.

The control scheme outlined above also effectively deals with the other problem: Firing in reverse. Firing while flying backwards is excellent, but is nearly useless - even the largest of ships can outrun you by a long-shot while you're in reverse. You're a sitting duck. Strafing runs seem to be a bit more effective from a staying-power perspective.

(Continued Below...)

User Info: RvLeshrac

9 years ago#2
Active Shields... well, there's not really an easy way to say this other than "the shields feel like a complete afterthought." Since putting up your shield makes you a complete sitting duck, they're nigh-on-useless except to deflect a drone that has gotten too close. Now, I'm not saying you should be able to Shield and fire your main/secondary weapon, but you should be able to Shield and fire off your subweapons.

"But," you say, "shields are great against incoming fire." This is true, but when you can't fire back, you're just going to get another volley in your face when the shields come down. And, as earlier, the most deadly enemies are those which spew nebulae, against which the active shields only offer a false sense of protection.

I'm not saying the game is *terrible*, but it could be *much better*. As it is, it is merely a mediocre shooter. Is it worth $10? Maybe. But when you're going up against something like Galaga Legions, you need to aim far higher.

If this had not been released JUST after the "Summer of Arcade" games, it would fare a bit better. Given that we've just been assaulted by some of the best games available for the 360, even among big-budget retail titles (Castle Crashers multiplayer issues notwithstanding), Shred Nebula gives you the same feeling you get when you've gone to the ice-cream shop for a waffle cone and then have to settle for a wafer cone.

You're still getting ice cream, it just doesn't taste the same.

User Info: ShinyNewObject

9 years ago#3
The shields are great for Reflecting Shots.

Just double tap LB. I find it actually very useful. Also its great when needing to pass through toxic sludge or dark matter.

In multiplayer the shield is a life saver, as well as hardcore score attack.

User Info: RvLeshrac

9 years ago#4
The comments/criticisms aren't really applicable in multiplayer, for the record, since everyone in multiplayer has, roughly, the same dis/advantages where the controls, attack, and defense are concerned.

The shields might be a "lifesaver," but that's about all they're really good for. They can keep you alive just long enough to grab that Hull powerup, but they can't be relied on for steady defense.

User Info: Silmane

9 years ago#5
First of all, you say shields are practically useless, but you want it as the X-button? Shields should only be used in certain occasions.

-Flying through Dark Matter for crystals.
-Deflecting shots back at enemies.

The toxic isn't as deadly as you're making it out to be. I have no idea if the other ships are exactly like RIP Rocket or they're shield abilities are different, but RIP Rocket can absorb a lot of toxic damage before the shield runs out. If you're shielded, that means you aren't shooting and that means your secondary is charged. Fire it towards the enemy and re-shield. Throw a couple shots in there to make the RIP Saber explode for more damage. They will die. If you're that worried about the toxic, turbo out into the open and fight there.

"The second flaw is difficulty, " Difficulty is never a flaw unless the game is downright broken(Read: Too Human). I haven't played a 8-way shooter since Innerspace back in the 90's and I almost got the Sonic Speed achievement in my first play through. Had I known the last level was so insane, I would've been a little bit more prepared.

"The control scheme outlined above also effectively deals ...." Dude, why are you trying to fly in reverse and fight? That's like trying to outrun the police with your car in reverse. It will not work. I can't speak for the Devs, but reverse should be for 180-turns only. You can argue that by saying that the turret-weapons fire in all directions, so 180 is useless, but when you're out of ammo, you're out of ammo and you need the 180 turn or you're boned.


"I'm not interested in your bull****!" - Nero
Gamertag: Epic Insurgent

User Info: Silmane

9 years ago#6
This is gonna deal with your control layout more. I'm not here to sound like a fanboy, but I will defend this controller layout, because it's not bad at all.

Unless I'm reading this wrong(It's 5AM), you left out Primary.

"Just good human-interface design," but you left one of the 4-main buttons without a function. This is a bad move. It should not change at all.

"I've made the Subweapon a RB toggle because it is nigh-impossible to fire main and subweapons simultaneously."

I don't think you should be able to fire both at the same time, because the game would be a mere cake-walk then. The sub-weapons, especially the homing missles, are insanely powerful. One missle will kill almost everything in the game(obviously excluding bosses), unless it throws up a shield.

So, let me get this straight. You want to aim your ship with LS, thrust with LT, aim your turret with RS and fire with RB and shoot your primary with A(Since that's your last button)?! No comment here.

"I've left the secondary fire alone because, well, it should be...."

The secondary is useless against fast enemies, I agree. However, RIP Saber-shockwaves are really useful when your primary isn't powered up.

These are just my opinions and I'm not hating on you or your thoughts, just know.
"I'm not interested in your bull****!" - Nero
Gamertag: Epic Insurgent

User Info: Trisha_Goddard

9 years ago#7

Regarding the official blurb about this game;

"The revolutionary ship physics, cutting edge controls, and fresh gameplay help re-define Arcade space combat. The awesome special effects and spectacular space environments utilize 3-D to create infinite depth and a colorful look unrivaled in any space game to date."

Let's see...

'revolutionary ship physics' - what? inertia? yeah okay.

'cutting edge controls' - Asteroids meets Defender.

'fresh gameplay' - see: Armada (Dreamcast) or even Wing Commander/BSG (XBLA)

'awesome special effects' - awesome? Did I miss something?

'spectacular space enviroments' - you're mistaking the word spectacular for average.

'utilize 3D' - a little, yes.

'to create infinite depth' - a black backdrop doesn't make it infinite.

'colourful look unrivaled in any space game' - hmmm... off the top of my head the following space games all look much nicer than Shred Nebula.

Aces of the Galaxy
Colony Wars
Galaga Legions
Space Invaders Extreme

User Info: Silmane

9 years ago#8
It's quite apparent that you don't like the game. So, you know, don't let the forum door hit you in the ass.
"I'm not interested in your bull****!" - Nero
Gamertag: Epic Insurgent

User Info: Silmane

9 years ago#9
That was to Trisha, not TC.
"I'm not interested in your bull****!" - Nero
Gamertag: Epic Insurgent

User Info: WandererICO

9 years ago#10
How about we stop comparing the game to other older retail games and just take it for what it enjoyable arcade shooter that takes different aspects of different space combat games with an enjoyable online deathmatch mode.

If you look at ALMOST any videogame in the industry, it is easily comparable to a number of other games out there, games take ideas from others it's just how it works.

BTW, the controls are fine they just take like 3-4 hours to really get used to, atleast they are not just mimicing Geometry Wars dual-stick controls like every other shooter out there....
GT: PeteDorr -Jumping is what we do best.
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