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User Info: vivi21

9 years ago#1
So bad I get kicked from games. I only get 2 or 3 kills max in each game and am just still getting used to aiming and am starting to learn how to use cover effectivly. Well that's what I get for jumping into online before getting a feel for the game first. I'm new to FPS you see.
It just isn't a Bethesda game if it doesn't corrupt my savefile.

User Info: up_evil

9 years ago#2
And you will continue to suck and get kicked from games if you keep doing the same thing.

Did you even play the story mode? Or at least do T-hunt.

If not, you deserve to be someone's XP buffett.

User Info: vivi21

9 years ago#3
Harsh. No I haven't done the story mode. Do you think I should?
It just isn't a Bethesda game if it doesn't corrupt my savefile.

User Info: RoninofTangram

9 years ago#4
always get a feel for it 1st, ill be on tonight(-5 gmt around 6-10 or later)

doing story is a must as all 3 modes are connected by the lvling system...

though im starting from scratch:P

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

9 years ago#5
You unlock weapons and new gear as you play, so aside from getting used to the controls and game mechanics, playing the Campaign and Terrorist Hunt modes first will give you better equipment when you go back to Player Vs Player.
For any whom this post happens to offend, I can get you a great deal on a spine.
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