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User Info: Trailgaze

10 years ago#1
I was wondering how the mic's work in this game. I know for some you press a button, but for this game is it allways activated? Its why i try not to use mine because i swear alot when i get killed or if my team mates get me killed. I remember in Vegas 1, my friend in the background called someone on my team an idiot and he wasnt even that close to the mic and the guy heard. So if anyone can help me out with this info much appreciated.

User Info: SmilerAl

10 years ago#2
You don't press no buttons but i can bet there are far worse people online then just people who sware.
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User Info: TorugotoShinsan

10 years ago#3
I find it annoying because my mic is so sensitive it picks up every little action i do from simply breathing to sniffing due to having a cold to having a drink of water. Even slightly shuffling in my seat willse it off sometimes.
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User Info: duxy33

10 years ago#4
I love how you hear kid's parents saying "get off the playstation, its 10:30!!" through the mic.

User Info: Biocide69

10 years ago#5
Have you tried turnning the mic volume down, either in the accessories on your PS3 menu bar, or in the audio options in the game? You can turn the volume up and down and also should still be able to hear through the headset.
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