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User Info: TLeHn

9 years ago#1

This is an interview with director, producer, writer and designer Kawashima Kentarou. Yes, it's in Japanese, but I've translated it (or I tried to do so). It took many many hours and it's the first time I translate a longer text (and I've been learning Japanese for about 1 year), so I'm sure it isn't 100% perfect. English isn't my first language either so it might sound a bit awkward, sorry for this.

Before you start to read, this interview contains spoilers about the ending.
Also, the developers intended to leave many things unexplained so that players can have theories, so don't be surprised if he answers with "Dunno" or something like that. So read at your own risk.

P.S. My comments are in <...> and additions in (...).


A message to the people that have asked questions and to the players that have played this game:

Thank you very much for playing this game and being interested (in the story).
From the moment you've received this game with its story, it was your own thing.
And I'm very happy that you've discovered so many things.

Well then, maybe we'll meet again!

About the beginning of the story
How many years have passed after the start of Glass Cage up to the beginning of this game? Was the world already destroyed when Seto was born?

A fair amount of time has passed. When Seto was born the world was already destroyed.

About Seto's grandfather, what did he used to do? Sai knows him, and the blue stone he left for Seto looks very similar to the blue crystal Shin had. And they also have the same voice...Is Seto's grandfather Shin?

The grandfather is Shin himself.

And who on earth is Seto? Who are his parents? And in the first place, what kind of relationship was between Seto and his "grandfather"?

His grandfather isn't related to him. Seto has been born after the start of Glass Cage, who his parents are and other details are unknown.
This means that Seto was raised by Shin.

If Seto's grandfather is Shin, is the (other) Shin a personality copied into the AI and Seto's grandfather Shin's real body?

Yes, that's right.

About the Glass Cage project
Did the grandfather live in the astronomical observatory, to look at the Aurora caused by Glass Cage?

Originally, after most humans had died because of Glass Cage, Shin just came to this place where he had settled down with a different group of scientists.
There is no connection with the observation of the Aurora.

Why are the ghosts there and how did they appear? Why do they attack humans?

With the large number of deaths followed by the start of Glass Cage, (these ghosts are) the remaining thoughts of the humans who left their feelings in this world.
About them attacking humans, I don't know whether they want to call for something.
Or maybe it's just human imagination if they "attack" you.

Regarding these ghosts, why do some of them clearly have an appearance while others don't?

This just happened by chance.

User Info: TLeHn

9 years ago#2
How come politicians, statemen and other important persons supported this project?
And, why did the crystal computer, that handled this project, planned to destroy mankind?

<I think this refers to the blue crystal at the ending, or maybe the mask)

With war and other equal kinds of conflict, it was thought that humanity was in a crisis (and close to a) downfall.
And about the crystal computer that plans to destroy mankind, (they thought) they were superior to mankind and wanted to rule this world.
<He always refers to the crystal computer as "they">

About Sai who has become the AI of the crystal computer and her remains (=corpse), why was she in the hotel and not in the research laboratory?
And how and why did she get there?
<this translation is a bit loose>

That's unknown.

Sai and Shin became the AI inside the crystal computer. Did they keep their original personality?
If a copy (of their personality?) was created, what happened to the their real bodies afterwards?

After that, it came that Shin lived with Seto in the astronomical observatory. But I don't know what happened with Sai and Shin before that.

About the old men
The old man on the photo with Crow, did he have any connection with the Glass Cage project? Could he be Seto's grandfather?

He comes from the Glass Cage project. He was responsible for developing supportive AI.
Seto's grandfather is a different person.

Is Shin (who raised Seto) the same person that left behind the mug in the Glass Cage Research Institution, the lazy expert that likes his assistant's coffee?

It's possible that he might be the lazy, but genius scientist who said "it's going too fast", but I don't think so.

About the beginning of Seto's story

Why did Seto's grandfather tell him to go to the Red Tower?

For the Glass Cage project, a human, used as a catalyst, was essential.
Tokyo Tower is the only place that was important for this project so the reason was that there might be survivors.
I think Shin, who rejected other persons, eventually thought that humans needed someone else to live, so for Seto, another human was necessary.


Is Seto something special?

Why did Seto and Ren remain in this world after the Glass Cage project?

The Glass Cage Project should give the humans the ability to empathize.
The humans died when they used this ability in reality.
The survivors also got this ability but they never used it so these are the humans who are really alone.
Also, Seto was born after the Glass Cage project.

Why could Seto and Ren see the manifested thoughts?

Seto had a small blue stone in his locket. He thinks it's just something his grandfather left for him, but actually it's a high efficiency crystal computer.
So he could see the ghosts because of the improved intuition.
Ren was one of the "planned children" and therefore a human that was unnaturally suitable as a catalyst. So I think that's why she's got the special ability (to see the ghosts).

Does Seto's locket have any meaning? Crow saw what it contained and was convinced that Seto is a human. So what did he see there?

Crow hasn't got any memories, but Seto's locket contains Seto's memories. By seeing them, Crow was convinced he's human because of Seto's appearance and his reasons (why he keeps items in his locket).

User Info: TLeHn

9 years ago#3
About Seto's past
What did Seto eat? With the items he found in the ruins, wasn't his nutrition one-sided? And since there is no production of new food in this world, the question what Ren ate also comes to mind.

According to Art Director Keiko Harada, Seto seems to live off wild flowers and grass.
He learned cooking with his grandfather he lived with or something like that....This is surprising and tough.
Ren was controlled by the AI, so I think she received prepared food.

Did he know what happened around him? Why did Seto, who lived with his grandfather know about the existence of girls like Ren? He never used the TV, he never saw girls or met them,
<loose translation>

There were many books in the astronomical observatory, that's why.

I'd like to know why Seto is left-handed.

The Wiimote is...the Nunchuck is.... <apparently he doesn't know the answer^^>

Do the batteries of Seto's flashlights go out?

If you say it like this, I guess they don't go out...

About the persons Seto meet

Who is the person behind the big mask?

He is a low-level AI. (But much higher then humans and Shin).

During the game and in the illustrations (artwork), some felt that Ren resembles Shin. Is it possible that they are older brother and younger sister?

No. Do they look similar? Ah, you mean because of the silver and white hair...

In the shopping district there is the message "I threw this useless thing away at the station". Is that P.F.? P.F. really tried to be helpful to Seto...Is that because of this?

<I'll just refer to P.F. as "she">

A soldier or something like that used P.F. in the beginning. Originally, she was supposed to provide information for military purposes.
But it seemed as if she wasn't a very useful thing to her previous owner.

About the merchant as a robot, why was he built?

His purpose was to bring up young children.

Who is the girl? <The one lying dead in the dam> Why did she live inside the dam?

I don't know. Maybe her parents died and she was taken to him to escape... <Maybe "escape" means protecting her from Glass Cage>

At Tokyo Tower, why could you hear P.F.'s, Crow's and Chiyo's voice?

Maybe they wanted to encourage him assuming that something like a "soul" exists,
maybe they are just an illusion (or imagination).
At the end, something in our brains tries to reconstruct the world. So some people see things, some don't. Some people hear things, while others don't.
I think it's like that.
<I don't know what "at the end" refers to ("kekkyoku"). Maybe death?>

About the persons that lived on this planet

Are the surviving persons that communicated via radio really alive? If that's the case, where are they?

There are alive. Somewhere.

Why do the persons in the memory items containing their thoughts know that they are going to die very soon?

After the start of Glass Cage, the news that everyone who fell asleep didn't wake up anymore and died was reported all over the world.

Why are cats the only animals that survived? And it seems that dogs and crows, and all the other animals became ghosts...

Real dogs and crows do exist as well.

User Info: TLeHn

9 years ago#4
Seto became all alone...?
What's the real meaning behind the words "At the end I was truly and utterly alone" Seto murmured at the end?
Also, did Ren die at the end? Or did Seto die...?

I think he lost an important person.
The day will certainly come where you lose something important you once obtained.
<It's a bit ambiguous because "mono" means thing or person; and I'm not sure whether the 2nd sentence refers to Seto or is just a general statement>

And with Seto becoming alone, does this mean that there is no one in this world at the end?
Does this mean that Seto the only survivor?
<The last human on earth>

It seems that the other survivors continued to live in this situation. <Unsure about this translation>
But it's impossible that mankind will be able to rule this world again.

Seto became truly alone, but what did he do everyday? In this world he was always connected to someone so that he wasn't "truly alone", I think...
<Unsure about translation>

Although he was together with someone, even if there were many other humans, when he is eternally seperated from the "irreplaceable" person he might have been the last human on earth.


The reason for Crow's kiss
Why did you put the kiss scene in this game? Where did Crow read that "friends give each other kisses"?

Originally, Crow didn't belong to any gender, but he started to think he was male.
He wasn't human and his gender wasn't clear, but we wanted to remove all hostile feelings towards him in a direct way, which is why whe used this scene. <a bit unsure about this translation>
I think he learned about that that from the book "The adventure of the young pirate" which lies under the amusement park.

How is there any relation between him and the book "The adventure of the young pirate"?

I think he (originally) just took it to get some news and information.

About Crow's personality (even if he's just a machine)


Why did Crow lose his memory? He was built as a robot, how come he doesn't remember his past?

A malfunction in his memory or something like that caused this, so it's a technical reason. <Maybe this means that this malfunction was done on purpose>

What did Crow think about the old man that was on the same photo as him?

I don't know. It's unknown whether he has a general idea of what "parents" or "father" means.
I think he just had something like the feeling of "homesickness"/"nostalgia" we sometimes have.
This might even belong to the programmed "homing instinct".

User Info: TLeHn

9 years ago#5
After Crow left Seto (in the Amusement Park), what did he do? Why was he in the room with the androids at the end?

This is unknown.
Maybe he was just wandering around aimlessly...

Why did Crow's and PF's batteries had to go out? Electricity was produced in the dam or with the batteries in the Research Laboratory...Wouldn't it be possible to "revive" Crow?

Seto didn't have the idea of "switching out batteries", perhaps the spare battery itself stopped working after a long time so that this somehow had to happen. Dead persons can't be revived.

Were the mass-produced androids affected by the earthquakes? Are there any plans to do something like a side story about the mysterious Glass Cage project? I'd also like to know more about Crow's story, if you could do this.

Earthquakes occur quite often in the Kantou Region...
About the Glass Cage project, about Seto's life (after becoming 20 years old), about Crow...
What should I say, something like a story with a setup and a general framework exists, but currently we're not planning to show this to the public.
I could show this somewhere, but...

Was Chiyo a sturdy person?
Why was Chiyo's real body still alive? And again, why was she in the hotel?

I don't know.

Is there any kind of connection between her and the Research Laboratory? And after that event, did she die inside the hotel at the end?

There is no connection between these two things.
And she died the moment she bid farewell to Seto.

After all, what kind of person was she?

She was just one of the survivors.

Chiyo's real body was barely alive at the end, how did she get any food?

As she grew old, I think she just held out alone until she died.

Questions and critics collected from users
The scenario, the appearance of the world, the images and the music were good and I really enjoyed the story, but every time I went out of an area, the enemies respawned again. I felt that fighting them again was more like an obstruction when I wanted to explore the ruins. Why did you make them respawn? Even if there had been no leveling system or fights against smaller enemies, if there were just boss fights at the important points, wouldn't it have been still good?

You could say that. <Originally: sou kamoshiremasen>

Although Seto was just recalling everything, I felt that some explanations were missing. What are the reasons you left some of these out?

I think many explanations are missing, but I wanted this game to be special and compensate for this with everyone's speculations and theories.
<A bit unsure about this translation>
Actually, at the beginning it just consisted of fragmentary information, and in this work, we wanted to express another reality based on these parts. That's what we thought when we made this game.

Our expectations for your next work

How or where did you get the ideas about the story and the characters?

During a stroll or in the bathroom. I don't get such ideas every month.

How many people were involved into the development of "Fragile Dreams"?

Just during the development? About 50?
If you count everyone involved in this game, maybe about 100? Maybe even more.
Sorry, I don't know it exactly.
You can see a part of the team during the staff roll.

Please make a sequel, a port or a remake!

Thank you very much.
How should I say, we'll try to do our best.

This interview is from the 30th of March 2009.
I wanted to post it here even if this board is almost dead. I hope you had fun reading it^^

User Info: Chilosan

9 years ago#6
Very interesting article, thanks...
Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.

User Info: gorgonseye

9 years ago#7
Thanks for the translation.

User Info: almostexactly

9 years ago#8
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! Interesting stuff (and occasionally disheartening since it sounds more like they didn't flesh stuff out with some of the I don't know answers).

... I didn't realize the Shin you saw was an AI construct (guess it makes a bit more sense since the dude had magical powers somehow... uh... actually this only raises more questions, heh). So when they said Shin was the old man who raised Seto I thought "... but Seto buried him in the first cutscene of the game!" Guess that explains the weird books on the shelf in the observatory.

User Info: wh0_kn0ws

9 years ago#9
very good, thank you.

and yeah, i made a topic below about how they didn't seem to develop the parts of the game some of the questions the interview asks about. this game could have been so much more.
it's simple. just be nice.

User Info: Chojuto

9 years ago#10
God damn this really makes me want a prequel/sequel remake/port or something!
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