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User Info: Angelglue

10 years ago#1
This game still hasn't popped up at gamestop even though it was released last week and they have no idea about it either
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User Info: SavijMuhdrox

10 years ago#2
The message boards at Southpeak Games as well Cyanide do not answer questions directed to them concerning the whereabouts of this game. If the game is out there, there's apparently a mysterious reason it is not being put on store shelves. I suspect it may indeed suck ballz.
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User Info: Fa1thus

10 years ago#3
Hi Guys!
Blood Bowl PSP was released on April 13th and you may find it at GameStop. Here is a link to their site for more details:
http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/Product ... t_id=77604

I hope this helps.


10 years ago#4
...thing about it is, there might be only 2-3 copies :). I had to call the Gamestop and beg them to hold one until I get there. 2 other stores sold out their copies. So you have to call around and be quick!
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