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User Info: Rolen74

10 years ago#1

As previously explained, we were waiting for an approval from Sony as we submitted to them a new version of Blood Bowl PSP. This process was particularly long because the new version had to be endorsed by both Games Workshop and Sony, which took several weeks.

This new version has been finally approved and the production started. Please find below the list of fixes that were made:

*corrupted saves issue > OK

*problem that prevents the players to save the game once the file is corrupted > OK

*freezing problem > OK

*crash problem when sweeping the opponent team >OK

*problem while selecting the destination square when your player has been pushed back twice > OK

The production of these new UMD has been officially launched and we should receive them within 3 weeks. As it was stated on the forum, defective UMDs will be replaced for free. Simply mail us your Blood Bowl UMD and provide us with the desired delivery mail address. You will receive your new Blood Bowl UMD very soon afterwards.(No need for a proof of purchase).
In addition, you will receive a coupon code worth 20 €, to be used on the Focus Shop. All information to use this coupon code will be indicated in the letter accompanying the return UMD.

Please send your defective Blood Bowl UMD to:

Focus Home Interactive
Technical Support
100 avenue du General Leclerc
93692 Pantin Cedex - France

In the coming weeks a fixing patch will also be available for download on the PlayStation Network. We will keep you informed as soon as it is available.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will do our best to secure a fast trade.
2nd one done.

User Info: jmurphy1993

10 years ago#2

This patch on psn will it be free and fix the problems of the original game. If so is there any point sending the umd off?

User Info: Digital-Daemon

10 years ago#3
I just went and got a refund from the store. How ****ing crap to release a game with a 50%+ chance to corrupt your save each time you play.

Lrn2psp, devs!
GT: Mason Cain
Against logic, there is no armour like ignorance.
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