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User Info: koicz2889

11 years ago#1
hi guyz! if a player has an injury like Smashed knee, broken skull or Broken neck is there anything i can do to relieve it? or the only way is to fire my player? coz after a match my minotaur suffered from a broken neck and he got -1 Agi on his stats, i check his details everytime but the injury dosen't heal! is there anything i can do to remove that injury? i have to replace him coz his injury dosen't heal anymore?

User Info: KrazytigerEX

11 years ago#2
Blood bowl is about losing players and firing monsters that are injured.

If the Minotaur is one of your key players than keep him but if his injury is holding him back then fire his ass.

User Info: CorruptedCzech

11 years ago#3
Broken Neck isnt problem for Minotaur, he doesnt dodge, he kills!! BUt if you lose point of strength, thats problem.

User Info: Xigo-Xigo

11 years ago#4

Yeah. Minotaurs can live with a broken neck.

Take for instance my Saurus. He has a broken neck. So I just gave him break tackle and everything's dandy in this world.

Hell, he doesn't even need his neck, and he still makes amazing agi plays.

Like that time he intercepted a ball, and proceeded to break tackle through a group of skaven linemen, then pass it for the touchdown. Dear god, he is full of win.
It's all a -insert name here- plot!

User Info: xyboink

11 years ago#5
lol epic topic :D

btw, i'm still buying this game this saturday :P
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