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User Info: Coryanis

11 years ago#1
I m not trying to troll , i know how the game work , i ve been playing table tops for years and the game is basically the same with a few exceptions .

But i find the enemie s dices are rigged . I mean , a dwarf with 2 agi simply walk in the middle of my team without being stopped . how lucky can he be to do that ... MANY times ? I got two dices in a blitz (i had 3 str +1 for someone s help and the ennemy is alone) against someone , with no skills on either side . I roll two skulls , ok it happen some times ... i use a reroll because the blitz is primordial to my strategy but no ... two skulls again !!! And what really get me mad is that it doesn t happen once in a while ... it happen so freaking often !

God , this is really broken .

Aside from that , i love the game , graphics are not the best but it s a very good translation from board to console .

lol and why do i know im gonna be flamed and called a noob or whatever ? :)

anyway , i needed to rent :)

User Info: KrazytigerEX

11 years ago#2
I lost 50 odd times before I learned how to play BB(never played table top) which is understandable but believe me when I say that the dice arent rigged.

Now that I have learned how to play my record with lizardmen is like 20wins -4 draws -0 losses. Once you learn the AIs weaknesses you will laugh at how easy the game is.

For example when the computer is skaven it will always go thrower to gutter runner so blitz them at the start and concentrate on injuring them and never chase the thrower because 9/10 times he will pass to the GR or a setup linesman and score. Just pummel away at his units and you will start to see gaps in his defence/offence.

When the computer uses a physical team like dwarves and chaos use the WALL formation and let the penetrating players through your line of defense the AI will will setup goats/blitzers as catchers but will never throw the ball lol which means you will outnumber them 11-8 just by letting them passed.

So to sum it all up using a modified WALL formation with the two solo linesman positions moved to the centre group will force the AI to penetrate because of the gaps on either end and it will allow for you to concentrate on the 8-9 players left on their side of the field. Dont go for the ball and they will lose another thrower and defensive tackle lol making it 6-7 players midfield.

User Info: Lt_Ashram

11 years ago#3
I understand... The dice rolls seems really rigged for the AI teams. I use orcs and dwarves can dodge my blockers with no problems!?

However, the AI do have weaknesses that you can exploit as mentioned.

User Info: CorruptedCzech

11 years ago#4
Watch out for Loner (skill) players like Minotaurs, Trolls etc. You have 50% chance to reroll not working so maybe thats the problem of Two Skulls.
But I agree with you, dices are sometimes strange like when whole Human team dodge you everytime on 4,4,3 etc but try live with that. Sometimes they roll bad as you.

User Info: unfit

11 years ago#5
Just played orcs vs. dwarves, they dodge with a 6 five times in a row. That shouldn't happen, it's just silly. This game reminds me a lot of puzzle quest, seems like there's some kind of sliding diff like if you're doing well - suddenly all sixes.
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