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User Info: lyhthegreat

11 years ago#1
hi,how do i increase my earnings after every match becos im getting like only 20k after winning a match which prevents me from recruiting more players for my team.
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User Info: Rolen74

11 years ago#2
It's somewhat random. If you Lose or Tie then 2 virtual dice are rolled (you can't see the dice). If you Win, then 3 virtual dice are rolled. The dice added togethter multiplied by 10,000 is how much money you get.

However, if your Team Value is high then you have to pay an "Spiraling Expense" (you have to pay your team, they don't work for free)

TV Less than 1,750 = -0
TV 1,7500 to 1,890 = -10,000
TV 1,900 to 2,040 = -20,000
TV 2,050 to 2,190 = -30,000
TV 2,200 to 2,340 = -40,000
TV 2,350 to 2,490 = -50,000
TV 2,500 to 2,640 = -60,000
TV Continuing in steps of 150 = -10,000 each

Keeping your Team Value low is important. The less Players you have, the lower levels your players are, the less skills they have, the less Re-Rolls you have, the less Cheerleaders you have, and the less Apothecaries you have means lower Team Value.
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