Library Boss (*spoilers*)

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User Info: Taelith

9 years ago#1
I really am enjoying this game personally. I even have fun searching for the artifacts and trying to capture all the ghost information.

Maybe it will be okay after a few more times, but the Library Boss kicked my butt the first few times I tried fighting him.

I know I could lower the difficulty level, but I don't want to play on the easy difficulty.

He does seem a tiny bit hard for normal difficulty, but it isn't just me, it's my bumbling companions lol. They just can't stay alive AT ALL once I remove the ghost's mask. They literally die every 5 seconds, so one dies, then the other, then I run to try to heal them. After I heal one, he dies again while I'm running to heal the other. If I go down myself, they both die very quickly and never can pick me back up on this level. I guess I just need to learn to dodge better and take out the boss myself. I just wish they were a little smarter on this level.

Just feels like the difficulty level suddenly changed or something by how much harder he seems than the stuff before him. Oh, I should probably check to see what I have available for new upgrades, maybe that will help, I haven't checked in a while *smacks head*.

User Info: stormfusion

9 years ago#2
really? I thought that the gray lady was harder than him

User Info: Taelith

9 years ago#3
Hmm I didn't die at all on the Grey Lady. Maybe I just got unlucky for some reason on my first fights with him. But my guys with me definitely die off fast and easy as soon as I snag off his mask. I usually die trying to keep them alive, I should probably ignore them and just try to fight him and dodge his attacks.

User Info: simondeschenes

9 years ago#4
Use the portals.

- Shoot in the eye until the boss is close
- Go through the portal
- Get on the other side of the Arena doing it
- Rince and repeat...

User Info: Stone500

9 years ago#5
Always try to revive your teammates. Other than that, just know to side step when he brings his fists down so you don't get propelled in the air.

Also, don't forget to spend money on upgrades. I went through hours of the game completely forgetting about being able to purchase upgrades.
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User Info: Taelith

9 years ago#6
That was mostly my problem, I wasn't using the portals enough. I didn't play again until today, and then when I did, first I stayed at the opposite side from the rest of my Teammates, so we wouldn't all get this insta kill around the same time, second, I actually moved back and forth through the portals, like you are supposed to to beat him. Doing that, he was actually pretty easy. It was my own fault for not trying them out enough the first few times, that and just being frustrated at my dying Teammates (it's much easier to heal them using the portals too).
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