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User Info: SoraOwnKeyblade

11 years ago#11
That wasn't him in the Matrix. >_>
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User Info: d0pe026

11 years ago#12
this is silly. i saw the trailer for the movie that is silly as well
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User Info: RedEyedMonster8

11 years ago#13
Why'd they release this for the PS2?

User Info: Jeryx

11 years ago#14
I read the book and its sequel, and honestly I wasnt that impressed with either one. Would love the power though :)
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User Info: included2000

11 years ago#15
Posted 2/13/2008 8:44:12 AM
message detail Why'd they release this for the PS2? "

because ps2 games never dies, long live ps2 !!!!m ;)

User Info: ravager1989

11 years ago#16
maybe Samuel L.Jackson gets to cut off Hayden's arm for revenge!!!

User Info: MarioShroomed

11 years ago#17
*farts real loud* Was taht me?

Just keeping old topics alive.
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User Info: tanavery

11 years ago#18
Hey watever you guys do, do not buy this game, it'll be like burning money. Seriously, don't buy it.
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