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User Info: mariosunshineds

9 years ago#1
How can I find Mr. Zsasz at Villain Hunt? I'm having a lotof trouble trying to find him. Please help!Thanks in advance to anyone who answers me.

User Info: mattloaf

9 years ago#2
I found this in another topic, it'll give you everything you need plus it should help going forward with the rest of the characters.

1. killer moth
located outside the bank, check area past the entrance

2. man-bat
located in the area where you fight mr. freeze, use the swat officer to use the middle grapple point and hit the switch to open the tube that holds man-bat

3. dr. hugo strange
glide the gap with the big gold dollar sign, use azrael to destroy the wall that requires super-strength.

4. mr. zsasz
after the second train appears, assemble and build the ladder near the large blue container behind the first train. assemble and activate the switch that reveals a wall climb pole point. mr. zsasz is near the second large blue container.

5. black mask
hit the hero switch to open the door, blast the red-black thing to reveal a switch, step on it to open the area near the next bridge. jump down the hole and blast another red-black object and jump down again to reach black mask

6. firefly
after the sewers and outside the GCPD, cross over the tightrope to reach firefly.

7. ventriloquist and scarface
the large room with four switches that freezes the water and opens the door that reveals wesker and scarface

8. ra's al ghul
make sure to hurry up in this stage because the time here is a bit short. the second area inside the factory that leads to the joker card, enter the area near hero switch and activate the switch inside to reveal a wall jump pole point build and use to reach ra's

9. hush
on the platform where you hit targets with your batarang on the left and right, use a grapple point to reach.

10. joker from killing joke
the wall that requires super-strength to open before the boss fight
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