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User Info: chaosmesmer

10 years ago#1
Will there be more "good characters" in Lego Batman, or is it just batman, robin, batgirl...
or will they just have different outfits like in Lego Indiana Jones?
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User Info: EricDent1

10 years ago#2
Probably Nightwing as well. Yes it will feature lots of different outfits, not sure if the gameplay will be exactly the same as the console version. If it is then each outfit will give you a new ability.
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User Info: ArkhamEscapee

10 years ago#3
Which Batgirl is it? And will the Batwoman be in the game? We can assume that the Robin in the game is Tim Drake based on costume, but they probably won't go into that.

...And one of the Batman's costumes should be the Batman of Zurr-en-Arrh. Just sayin'.
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