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User Info: DsT_Slasher

8 years ago#1
I'm not really a huge fan of Batman like am with Harry Potter but I really enjoyed the HP Lego game. I've played Batman:AA and loved it, how does this game match up to AA and Lego:HP? Is the replayability as good as HP's? Are the gold bricks hard to find in this game? On the HP game I got 99 gold bricks bur couldn't find the last one, which screwed me out of 100% and some other achievements.

User Info: Just_a_loser

8 years ago#2
You should try not to compare it with B:AA. You should always keep lego games in their own category and just compare them to each other rather than other big titles. They're good, fun, and amusing games, but they don't compare to big titles such as Arkham Asylum.

It definitely has less glitches than Harry Potter, but it isn't as good (in my opinion).

Depends on what you liked most about Harry Potter.

Action: Batman takes it. Harry Potter didn't have you face many enemies (mainly just some bees and bosses), while Batman will have you bashing your way through crowds of thugs/cops.

Exploration: Harry Potter takes this easily. Having an explorable lego Hogwarts was just epic, and using magic to do things with legos was very cool. Of all lego games, Harry Potter had the best exploration.

Gameplay: I guess it comes down to preference, but I found using various spells on random characters to be quite fun. Batman is mostly just sort of...punch punch punch, which kind of gets boring after a while. The villains side offers more variety with the various powers the villains bring to the table, but I still prefer the magic spin.

Difficulty: It's much easier to get 100% in Batman than it is in Harry Potter. Harry Potter was full of glitches, which Batman really doesn't have. There is also much less to find and collect (no gold bricks at all). And Batman has the least amount of characters in it than any other lego game (and yes, I've counted...Batman only has 46 next to Harry Potter's 178).

Batman is definitely worth trying. But honestly, if you're looking for a great lego game that you may like even more than Harry Potter, I suggest going with Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Nothing tops it IMO.
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User Info: jekyll

8 years ago#4

It's just a fun game, period. I'd never played a LEGO videogame before, so I'm certain if you liked another LEGO videogame, you'd like this, too.

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