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User Info: EvilResident

8 years ago#1
Hello. I was considering getting either this Lego Batman game or Lego Star Wars. I am torn between which to get (only want 1 of them, I dont think ill be getting both right now) but I had 2 questions before I make my purchase:

1) Do both of these games have a local co-op play? I dont really play online but I have friends who come over who would like to play.

2) To people who have played either game, or both even: Which one would you guys say is better? Is there better or worse gameplay additions to one or the other? Or maybe one is more fun to play then the other?

Any comments about one or both games would be appreciated :)
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User Info: map586

8 years ago#2

I've played this one star wars and indiana jones. For me its indiana jones > batman > star wars.

User Info: SwingerStunt

8 years ago#3
1. Yes, you can play local co-op, I like it better than in Harry Potter.

2. I really like this game, one of the first games I felt like and took the time to 100%. I am a Batman fan, but when you play the levels as bad guys, with their powers, that is where the game shines. And it hints to the comics if you can catch it.
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User Info: Just_a_loser

8 years ago#4
All lego games have local co-op, but only Star Wars has online. It's actually the only lego game to date that has it. Harry Potter was promised to get it, but they lied. They promised to patch it to enable us to take it online, but that never came.

I like both Lego Star Wars and Harry Potter more than Lego Batman, but it was still an enjoyable game. If I'd have to pick one, I'd say go with Star Wars, and make sure you get the complete saga version. It's honestly the best lego game to date, and yes, I've played them all (aside from Rock Band).

I rank them as follows:

Star Wars TCS>>Harry Potter>>>>Star Wars 2 (original trilogy)>>>>>Star Wars 1>>>>>Batman>>>Indiana Jones 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Indiana Jones 2
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