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11 years ago#1
In the room with all the portals there is a lever that lowers two chests but I can never reach them in time. Can anyone help me out?

User Info: RahzarX

11 years ago#2
Raise platform.

Go upstairs and lower the chest.

Shoot arrow to break lock.
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User Info: cumbojumbo

11 years ago#3
I don't get it, what arrow?
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User Info: 2cool4u420

11 years ago#4
There is a crossbow in the center of the room that shoots an arrow with a rope attached to it. Just turn it so it will shoot to the left, follow the rope, get the chests, raise the platform (via the switch to the right), shoot to the left again to get another chest, then shoot towards the gate. The gate will open revealing the way out down and another portal.
To get the suspended chests just make sure the platform is raised, use the boots of hermes on the right wall under the red portal to go through it. flip the switch and run to the crossbow and shoot an arrow through the new portal that you unlocked when you opened the gate.
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User Info: CIA911

11 years ago#5
Yeah. The harder thing to get in that room is the red orb chest on the left wall. Still haven't figured out how to get that

User Info: revengine

11 years ago#6
Same here. I tried gliding over from the platform on the right side of the screen (has the bars and the small opening on the side) but could never make it. Eventually just gave up and moved on.
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User Info: WarriorBond

11 years ago#7
Lower platform with crossbow on it

Turn it to face the portal on the left


Go through the portal on the right to come out above in the caged area with the open front side, jump out around the cage and grab the rope.

Climb over to the red chest.
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User Info: panzermahn

11 years ago#8
There is an alternative method to reach the red orb chest at the top left.

1. Stand very near to the bottom left platform

2. Jump into it

3. When you appeared at the other top left platform, make sure you press X another time and hold it. You would be able to stand on the frame of the platform you had appear (probably a glitch but what the heck, it works for me!). This may require a couple of tries.

4. If you managed to stand on the frame of the platform you appear, then jump and glide in to the space to retrieve the red orb and treasure chest


User Info: teebonesy

11 years ago#9
@Warriorbond: Okay, you're definitely talking about the red chests on the RIGHT of the room here, not the left, correct? Because this method definitely gets you nowhere near the one on the left.

It's driving me crazy, it's like they just put it up there to tease you. If there was some way to jump off of a rope you could do it easy, but nope, no such luck.

The closest I come is by first going through the far right portal and coming out in the blue cage above the running wall. You could then jump out of the side of it, glide across the room, then use a mid-air dash to get RIGHT TO THE LEDGE, but never ever ever quite far enough to land.

I'm ready to give up, but I REALLY don't want to.

I cant get the glitch method to work either, by landing on the frame. every single time, kratos just slides right off, he never lands.

Anyone figure this out? is there some way you can replay the game with a triple jump or some such nonsense, and it's just there to pretty much tease you your first time through the room?
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User Info: generalbane

11 years ago#10
When you lower them use the crossbow to cut the rope holding the chests up.
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