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User Info: Calemzus

9 years ago#1
I don't remember ever hearing anything about this but someone recommended this to me. What do you all say?
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User Info: probotector9

9 years ago#2
If u can live with the high possibility ur saved file will get glitched and u'll have 2 delete it, the same absolutely mind and eye destroying SAME corridors and puzzles throughout the entire game and every second of it, the same absolutely freaking lame enemies, mediocre FPS experience: Then yes,get it. I recommend Dementium though, it's shorter but FAR better and one of the best survival horror games I've played. Graphics are mindblowingly amazing and most importantly, has no glitches. One of the best options for DS if u want a FPS that's not Metroid Prime Hunters. It's ur decision though, hope u can choose the best, but this is what I can tell u about this game.
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User Info: obishawn

9 years ago#3
Moon is a very well made game but it does suffer from some redundancy. Yes, you do fight a lot of enemies that are very similar in design, but in the context of the story, it is fitting and really, should be expected. It would be like playing a Mario game where he visits Goomba Land and most of the enemies are Goombas. In Moon, you are in laboratories that are guarded by sentinels; hovering robots. There are a few other enemies that I won't spoil for you, but for the most part, you encounter these sentinels.

The puzzles are a bit redundant. They mostly consist of you using a remote control robot to pass through service tunnels and deactivate shields so that the main character can pass through.

As for the levels being redundant, again, it is like Mario in Goomba Land. The majority of the game takes place in laboratories, so some of the places have similar looks, but the floor plans, lb interiors, and color schemes are different enough. But you also visit a few different areas, you go to the lunar surface a few times and a couple other places that I won't spoil.

Some people have a problem with the music, I thought it was very fitting for the atmosphere. There is an in-game option to keep the sound effects and turn the music off, should you want that.

As for glitches... No. There are no true glitches in this game. There have been a few reports of a few bosses getting stuck behind obstacles, but that isn't a glitch as much as it is poor AI. What is most commonly referred to as a glitch is when the player ignores the radar while roaming the lunar surface and goes somewhere he isn't supposed to go yet. There have been only two that I have heard of, one involving the LOLA (your lunar rover) getting stuck where you can't reach it due to riding an elevator you aren't supposed to take, and the other involves the player missing a episode ending event because he ignored the radar and went to the next lab.

Notice my emphasis on the player being the one responsible for the problem. I do feel the need to defend the game and place the blame where it belongs. Sure, Renegade Kid could have put some kind of boundary that you couldn't cross so that you wouldn't accidentally go to these places, but they did give you the radar, which is easy enough to follow.

Other than that, the game is more of a story heavy adventure than an action shooter. Besides the dialogue spoken between characters, you can find computer terminals through out the labs that have short paragraphs that give back story and insight to the plot.

The boss fights are all pretty cool. There is a negative accusation saying that the bosses are repetitive, but I'd like to clarify. There are three bosses that are similar in design, but not in battle or fighting strategy. These specific bosses are called Guardians and, if you pay attention to the story, they are set in place to guard certain sensitive areas. each one is harder than the previous, especially that last one.

One last thing, I would strongly urge you to check out this review:


I really like it because it is fair, it mentions the few negative issues that some people have with the game while showcasing the game's strong points.

User Info: Calemzus

9 years ago#4
Thank you and yes I play MPH :)
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User Info: probotector9

9 years ago#5
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User Info: ffmasterjose

9 years ago#6
It's a pretty enjoyable experience yeah. There aren't too many first-person shooters out there for the DS, so it fills a nice niche. Eventually you get used to the controls and everything becomes fairly seamless for the most part.


User Info: thunderbone

9 years ago#7

I've only had Moon for a day, but I already like it. The only thing is, it would be nice if someone would create a strategy guide with maps that include points of interest and objectives. *Hint to Gamespot*

I downloaded the guide from another gaming site, and there are no maps whatsoever. The guide tells you what to do in various locations, but fails to tell you where those locations are, and how to get to them. I give the guide ** out of *****.

User Info: infinite9

9 years ago#8
I haven't completed the game yet but I'm really enjoying it. The gameplay is smooth and well done. I haven't experienced any glitches other than one instance of an enemy stuck on a wall but the enemy was still able to be killed, it could still fight back, and that was the only glitch I've seen. Overall, the game is really good and definitely worth picking up. I highly recommend it.
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User Info: darkfalzx

9 years ago#9
I had high hopes for this game, and was in fact highly impressed by it in the initial hours, but it just kept on getting worse from there, an by the end, I was so disappointed with the game, I actually went as far as writing a negative review of it - something I don't do lightly or often. Don't be fooled by people claiming "insanely high framerate" and "beautiful graphics" - they played the game's first two levels before writing that. The framerate in Moon is only high when there is nothing going on on screen, and the game basically consists of the same three "beautiful" rooms recycled over and over and over again for ten hours. When reviews say "Moon is an adventure game with shooting elements" they mean that the game is a super-slow-paced shooter with a lot of key-finding and switch-flipping.
My negative review here: http://www.gamespot.com/ds/action/projectmworkingtitle/player_review.html?id=644060&tag=player-reviews;continue

User Info: Tripurari

9 years ago#10
Is this game good at all


There I saved you about 10 bucks and the 5 minutes it takes to realize this game is terrible.
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