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User Info: darkdiablox

11 years ago#1
Zero interest in this title ? =\
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User Info: seashellframe

11 years ago#2
Some, but it's unlikely to ever see an English release and it's not a flashy enough title to warrant the importer's attention.
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User Info: Twilite82

11 years ago#3
Its a shame. It really looks gorgeous. Seems like it had a lot of potential.
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User Info: darkdiablox

11 years ago#4
for those who are interested but haven't seen yet, I actually quite like the premise =\ too bad my Japanese sucks
Dawn of War : Dark Crusade ~ Go get it now !

User Info: Shindough

11 years ago#5
I'm actually really interested in this, but I know no Japanese at all whatsoever.

User Info: jj984jj

11 years ago#6
I think it's also because most websites are calling it Afterschool Boy instead of the literal title.
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11 years ago#7
i saw the trailer, this looks interesting enough to give a go. still waiting on Mushishi DS though.
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