Possibly The Worst Game Of All Time

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User Info: SBusc41144

9 years ago#1
OK, I tried giving this game a chance. Besides being incredibly boring, this, bar none, is the worst game ever. This has to go down as the "mind of it's own" champion of all time. Believe me, I was real patient with this game but I can no longer take it. Let me give you the straw that broke the camels back. I have a medical staff of 12 doctors who roam. I had an inmate on the ground about to die. I cannot find a single doctor on grounds. Where are they? Pretty much every single one was in any one of my 3 mess halls. I click on 1 to leave the mess hall. He does, I exit the building to wait for him. He comes out, and does an immediate about face so I try to do the smart thing and click on the doctor and clicking on an area away from the mess hall entrance. I do that, he exits. I click on him again and click "treat" for the dying patient. The doctor takes 2 steps toward the general direction, then does an about face heading back to the mess hall. I click the doctor again, he walks toward the patient...then walks right by him. After about 50 tries to get the frigging doctor to actually perform what he's supposed to be programmed to perform(which apparently I'm wrong because is seems as though every doctor's function is to eat all day long), I had to exit out of the game in fear of pulling out my hair. Now, this is just one of about 1,000,000 instances of aggravation. Don't even get me started at having to constantly pull teeth to get the guards to actually patrol where I tell them to patrol.

User Info: redneckvideogmr

9 years ago#2
No doubt about it. This is the worst game I've ever wasted money on. Normally, I'm against people downloading games for free, but ValueSoft should pay people to download this game. It's that bad.
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User Info: Pixie_Corpse58

9 years ago#3
For the record, you need to assign which times your guards patrol, etc.
You have to assign everything for everyone. So the doctor's times in the clinic you must assign on the schedule. Its not horrid, its just horrible for people who don't actually get how to play it.

User Info: halo3forever

9 years ago#4

I've had almost no problems at all.But it took me quite a while to know how to do everything.All my doctors do what they are suppose to do and all other staff. But its to bad the game doesn't come with a tutorial!I only have one problem though i don't know how to get more prisoners!

User Info: neosnk36

9 years ago#5
LOL this game really sucks big time... got 20 cleaners and 15 prisoners, the premises is still a trash... prisoners kept dying of disease... BTW i did have doctors and medical staffs... does the admin staffs(cleaners,doctors,mainte), needed to set time shifts?

and other thing WTF the prisoners has acces to areas they are not supposed to be(ex. security buildings) and no escorts for incoming prisoners...
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