Is it me, or does this game barely function?

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  3. Is it me, or does this game barely function?

User Info: yeahchris

10 years ago#1
To get a guard to go on a patrol I have to-

1: Go into my security office.
2: Find a not 'on break' guard in my security office.
3: Left click him.
4 Mouse over the exterior of the building, right click, use the tiny, mostly unlabeled icons to get him to slowly saunter outside.
5. Leave the building and wait for the moron to SLOWLY walk out.
6. Select him again. (I keep mentioning this because he's TINY, and as such, with no ability to drag and select, it's actually a little hard.
7. Right click on empty terrain and select patrol, being careful to not accidentally right click a building , as that deselects him and sucks you back indoors, making you repeat all of this.
8. Set waypoints, doubleclicking the last one to finalize it.

And after that he walks waypoints... until he goes on break, and then you do it all again.

Now, I say he walks waypoints, but don't get me wrong, that doesn't actually make him do anything. If a prisoner starts to escape, he'll simply stand around and watch him go. To get him to stop the prisoner you have to left click one of the patrolling guards (the only real point in having them patrol is to have them be not indoors, and thus avoiding the insanely long walk out of a building before being able to order him to chase the prisoner.) find the prisoner, right click him as he's running full speed. No dragging and clicking, mind you. Find the little tiny bastard and click him directly, with no indication of where on the map he might be, and then wait for the icon 'apprehend prisoner' or what have you to appear, left click that to make him give chase and he'll stop the escapee... or so I'm told. In truth, after several hours of trying to do just that, I haven't been able to get it to work even once. I don't have the eye hand coordination to use a selection system that's worse than that of Warcraft 1 to get these guards, who will wander into their offices and refuse to come out the moment you take your attention from them to chase down. I've almost done it, but I invariably end up misclicking somewhere, which makes it so that you have to go back and select the guard again, and you're not really allowed to do most of this while it's paused, so he's running out the conspicuously open gates the entire time. There's seemingly no way to close the gate. Why the @()# would a game about making a prison not allow you to have functioning gates?

I haven't played it very long, but this is probably one of the most incredibly broken games I've ever had the misfortune of not stealing, but paying for. If you're thinking of actually paying for this garbage, give me the money, I'll kick you in the nuts, and we can call it a day.

User Info: Snoozi

10 years ago#2
should've read this before purchasing the poor game. *hits himself in the head*

User Info: DeathWissssh

10 years ago#3
This game works for me and their will be updates for this game too. Bepatience bro.

User Info: bmfr

10 years ago#4
i bot this game and cant figure out how to get the gaurds/prisoners to do stuff

User Info: UCBstriker214

10 years ago#5

This had the potential to be a pretty cool game, but it just blows. The prisoners dont follow the schedule and go to work like their suppose to. They just kind of run around, do their own thing, and eventually get in a fight or try to escape. The guards pretty much do their own thing and watch prisoners run away and/or do their own thing. I think this game was made by a bunch of highschoolers in a computer programing class as a project.

Thanks for robbing me ValuSoft.


User Info: brittislove

10 years ago#6
none of my guys will go to work in the industrial shop! I don't know how to assign them - the game came with no instructions and the website is minimal.

I tried telling them to go to work but no one even steps inside the workshop. All they do is go to the mess hall, sit there, eat, walk around, walk outside and immediately walk back inside, eat at the mess hall, walk around, walk outside..etc etc

This game could be a lot of fun but goodness it is so slow paced and broken. Nothing some good patches wouldn't fix though.

User Info: QuietStormX

10 years ago#7
I am not sure if anyone is still playing this game but my xbox360 broke so i sent it in for repairs. With some free time on my hand i been playing some computer games. After playing this game for the first time i was in the same boat as everyone else. I didnt know how to do anything and my prisoners kept escaping. Once i figured out how to stop them for escaping the money was a big problem. Now i feel i have a good hand on the game. I did research on the internet for walkthroughs but it was not much help since i couldnt find much answers. So maybe i can help some of you out.

Number 1 thing i do is make sure the area is fenced in completely i also added doors and additional fences in case i needed to lock down it would be easier to maintain prisoners in different areas.

Number 2 thing to do is whenever you get any new prisoners is make sure you give them jobs as soon as they arrive. Usually they arrive in a hour where they eat but that depends on the schedule you set up for them. To give them a job is not hard but requires work on your part. First of the game must be in play mode i try to do it on normal speed so i dont waste much game time and its easier to do it when they are not moving fast. What you do is select the new inmate and right click on him and on the right side of the screen that pop ups it says job can click there and they will be a drop down menu thing and choose where you want them to work. Another way to do this is by clicking on the managing button on the bottom left and click on the inmates tab. Once there you can click on the button that shows you the inmates info suck as morale fights and all that stuff. This new pop up will also show you the job assigned to them if there is none they were will be no icon in that tab so just click on the inmates name and the game will take you to him. Now right click him and and assign job.

Now that you know how to stop them for escaping next thing to do is make sure they are happy since they will make more money when they are happy. What i usually do is put a cleric in the building where you can add gyms...movies...etc. You can take him and bless inmates to boost their morale and even if you dont want to go and do this to every single inmate he will walk around and do it himself. If you have a hospital a therapist also helps and a doctor is good to help those inmates that get sick.

The hardest part of the game is money management. Right now i make 20k and thats only end of the year when the government gives me extra money. My advice is if you want to expand your prison make sure you have extra money because you might run out and lose the game.

Other stuff:

The only way to increase security level is to have guard towers. The guard towers are useless unless you have a guard assigned to them. You can assign a guard by click on the guard and take the cursor than and move it to the tower it will change to a icon that shows arrow with the tower. Once you click on the tower now it will assign that guard to the tower whenever he comes on duty. Since when you get a tower you get a free guard so make sure you just assign him to the tower (easiest way to do it).

How to search for contraband: Take a officer who is on duty and click on left click on the housing building. It will now have to icons. One will be for entering the building the other will be for searching it. It will take a little while to search so just wait and a message will pop up and let you know how the search went.

For the people who have dog problems just make sure you dont get the cheap dogs and spend some extra money on the dog cages with toy in it. Mine rarely attack people for no reason

Any other questions just ask ill check this site later. Hope i helped!!! this game isnt so bad when you know what you are doing but it does get boring since its time based. I find my self just fast forwarding through days just to get enough money to expand.

User Info: gurl99

9 years ago#8
ok I waited like a whole year to get this game finally and still I'm stuck in the beginning! I have everything built, when are the prisoners suppossed to come? This game is not nearly as cool as I thought it was gonna be.

User Info: Maester01

9 years ago#9
After a few disastrous attempts at a free play I have this game figured for security level one.
The game is fiddly and could be made to be a lot easier to command (e.g. a window for assigning work instead of manually selecting each prisoner) but if you have some patience it is not so complex.

I find enclosing the whole area with fencing is a good idea but not an invincible strategy as in the military prison (might be others too) inmates can actually hop the fence. Employ enough guards (I use min 3 on a shift) and have 1 patrolling about 2 squares away from the front door in-case the bug happens where new inmates leave the gate open but be careful not to put the patrol path too close to the door because the guards automatically open the gate when they are near. Have the other guards patrolling any large stretch of fence. Take into account how long it takes for the prisoner to jump the fence (alarm goes as he starts attempting it so it gives the guard a few secs to run to him).
P.S. The scripting for escapes is not good. Better to prevent it from happening altogether

As for getting money it is hard in the beginning. I buy a large dorm and a large mess hall, a factory with 1 module in to begin, a medi centre with a hopital at least as you get sued if prisoners die. No need for amenities to begin with. Also a large security centre with, to start with, 3 guards so 1 on each shift. As I mentioned before if you enclose the whole area with a fence the inmates can still jump it. I figured they only do this when there are no guards about so it may be handy to build a few temporary fences until you have the whole area guarded by patrols or towers.

Assigning work is a hassle. Easiest way is to pause as your new inmates come (around about 11.00 am if you have enough bed for them) and the zoom in and select each in turn and assign work accordingly.

Guards again are annoying to begin with. Say you have 3 guards, 1 for each shift, you need to find the one who is on duty then make him walk outside (if he is in a building), left click on him to get a green circle then right click on the ground and select patrol. Mark out a route and finish on the one you started with (this is how I do routes I'm not sure if you can do another way). The guard with patrol that area WHENEVER HE IS ON DUTY. This means when u swap guard shifts you must do it again for the next guard to come on duty. When the original guard comes back he will go back to his patrol route. JOB DONE.

Once you have about 50 prisoners money shouldn't be a problem. Just chill out and fine tune your guard system, maybe add a for more or whatever, and wait for the day to finish. You should get 5k for each prisoner.

I have NO IDEA what bonuses accountants give. Nor do I have a clue about planners.

You may notice when you have mechanics/maintanance men that they dont work on damaged buildings. I thought it was a bug at first and was manually making them repair things. Don't worry though, they are just a bit lazy and wait until the area is pretty much severley damaged until they repair it. Your buildings don't blow up to my knowledge so it shouldn't be much of a problem.
P.S. Staff also benefit from medic and psychiactric care!!!! Have enough med centres.

User Info: Maester01

9 years ago#10

Regarding prison breaks; my new tactic was to fence the whole area, add the buildings so they faced into each other then fence between the buildings creating an inner area. Although in the first few days prisoners could still escape by jumping both fences I found once I had set up surveillance and a few towers and patrols the prisoners would jump the first fence and give up by the second.

Surveillance is very important as it allows your guards to know where the escapee is.

Also I am guessing that having accountants grants some extra cash. I found this as in the late hours of a day I was gaining money even though no prisoners were working in the factory. Still no idea about planners though.

I may culminate these findings into a walk-through/guide once I am certain of most things.
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