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User Info: Rose_NinjaJedi

10 years ago#1
No one here, eh?
Maxin' out the awesome meter.

User Info: das287

10 years ago#2
I'm here.
If you hate it Madden or EA that much, then stop buying the game. Then we won't have to listen to you whine about it for months on end.

User Info: BostonRich

10 years ago#3
Me too.
PSN ID: BstnRich
XBL GamerTag: R1TZ B1TS

User Info: chip211

10 years ago#4

Me 4

User Info: PrimeFocus

10 years ago#5
Me 5!
"Say goodnight to the bad guy!" Al Pacino, Scarface

User Info: GateCaptain

10 years ago#6
wait wheres me 3?!!! me4 you look up town, me 5 you go downtown.
GT: Lastgateguard (currently offline)

User Info: kodabear1118

10 years ago#7
Im here...just got the game today and cant figure out anything lol

User Info: 4nowlaters

10 years ago#8
confused now
Its not crazy or insane to talk to yourself. Its only crazy if you answer yourself back.

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