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User Info: CaptainGARlock

11 years ago#1
Ok so I'm trying to unlock Seth and the only characters I have left are the ones I'm not all that good with (Gen, Vega, etc.) I'm playing on easiest and characters play like they normally do little to no blocking, no specials etc....until I get to my rival that is. All of a sudden the difficulty shoots way up. They start blocking everything, focus attacking everything they don't block and even use Ultras. And don't even get me started on Seth.

I know I'm still a newbie at the game, but still this kind of thing has never happened before and its really a bit frustrating. Is this supposed to happen as I get closer to beating the game with every character or is this some sort of programing error?
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User Info: jxohn

11 years ago#2
I feel your pain. Such a pain in the ass. Seth = cheap loser

User Info: FictionFaction

11 years ago#3
There is a difficulty glitch. Sometimes if you Continue , you may get it and it will turn your Easiest difficulty into Medium.

User Info: CaptainGARlock

11 years ago#4
^Thanks for that.
The internet is a black hole of stupid that even the light of intelligence cannot escape.

User Info: sethix9

11 years ago#5
stick to basic moves, if u own teh computer on teh way up, seth will be set at ungodly hard mode, even if its on easy, so just play stoopid, and spam basic moves
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User Info: LordDrg7

11 years ago#6
You know, I -thought- something like that was happening, but then I put it away as being in my imagination. Glad to know I'm not unique (in this)
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User Info: SSJ_Vegetolli

11 years ago#7
pfft, they ALL do that on EASIEST to me.... honestly I'm getting hit with all the rapid hit stuff *like that fat guy's cyclone kick attack...* I think Capcom messed up the ai as a joke...
to all those that say easiest is a cake walk come here and try it on mine... for some reason the AI on Easiest reminds me of Capcom vs SNK 2 HARDEST difficulty the way they're comboing me... or maybe cuz I have japanese voices active they think "hey let's give them the JAPANESE EASIEST!! **which is OUR hard... lol**
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User Info: allthatbass

11 years ago#8
When playing throught the characters yesterday, I noticed if you get more than one perfect the difficulty seemed to increase. Also if you lose the difficulty goes up. So avoid perfects and if you lose let time expire and restart, at least that's the method that worked for me.
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User Info: jackacid

11 years ago#9
Of course the rival is more difficult. Classic SF logic is that the sub-bosses are harder than scrubs, and the end-boss is harder than the sub-boss.

In this case, the rival replaces the sub-boss. But I don't see why this surprises anyone.
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