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  3. What does Akuma say during the Raging Demon?

User Info: JediHJC

12 years ago#21
I don't know what in the hell is wrong with your hearing for you to even confuse "Die one thousand deaths (which he says VERY clearly O_o) with "I want sausages."

...obviously he's got the voice switched to Japanese, during which what Akuma says sounds nothing like "Die one thousand deaths" (even if that IS the translation, which I don't know) because, it's , yaknow, JAPANESE.

Think about it.

"Die one thousand deaths" and "I want sausages" are the same number of syllables.

If you're not thinking closely, "Die" does kind of sound like "I", and "one" does kind of sound like "want" if you're not enunciating the T sound at the end. So "one thousand deaths" has at least some similarity in sound to "want sausages," if you're not paying attention.

Additionally, the Japanese Akuma voice (I'd know since I switched all voices to JP once the option was available, and haven't looked back since) says something more along the lines of "Messatsu Shun Gen" although my spelling is probably improper.
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User Info: eric_neo3

12 years ago#22
I always thought it was the symbol for SKY but I don't know what he says during the move.

User Info: c0cobread

12 years ago#23
Its funny when you do it to Boxer because he yells out "MY FIGHT MONAAAAY" as if Akuma is robbing him of his moneys. ^_^
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User Info: satan_lolz666

12 years ago#24
If your Akuma is japanese he says "Isshun Sengiku!" which is literally "One Flash Thousand Hits!" (aka. the 4 kanji that pops up when he uses his UC) then at the end of it, it's "metsu...(then something else, it's not loud enough)". "Metsu" means eliminate or destroy in both Japanese and Chinese.
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User Info: definitiondeny

12 years ago#25
I was under the impressions that he says "This is Messatsu" at the end.
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User Info: TeTrIs-

12 years ago#26
The Kanji are read somewhere along the lines of "1000 hits in an instant" in Chinese.

User Info: psp340

12 years ago#27
Akuma's Ultra and super needs to be mastered enough that you would have the ability to execute it anytime you wish. for example when ken shoryukens you and you block, he is just floating back down, whats stopping you from giving him 1000 deaths. I main akuma, and although sometimes it lags and kills all my skill it catch almost everyone with his ultra. Akuma is one player that has his hands tied in a laggy battle, so i would suggest zangief for a laggy battle.
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User Info: verbal_howitzer

12 years ago#28
The last char is 'geki' not giku. Isshun sengeki (instant, not one flash.... though the second char does have the meaning to blink or twinkle...) sengeki (1,000 attacks/strikes)


User Info: veKtory

12 years ago#29
Literally means 1000 hits in an instant.
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User Info: lufia22

12 years ago#30
He says "1000 needles!" and then runs away.
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