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  3. fighting games should be cheaper than other games.

User Info: hulkster23869

12 years ago#1
I mean sure you do a butt load of work just like any other game, but when you compare it to games like fallout and grand theft auto, it just doesnt seem like any fighter should be priced at the same point, because its got to be A LOT easier to make than an open ended game like the two i mentioned above. I'd be happy to pay 40 for it, maybe 60 if all the CE stuff was included, but 60 for a fighter in this generation of gaming doesnt seem fair.

I'm not trying to flame, i'm the biggest sf fan out there... just dont have a lot of money.
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User Info: guitardood78

12 years ago#2
I think paying 60 bucks is fine. The same KIND of work may not go into a fighter as far an environments etc. But it must take a hell of a lot of tweaking to hone the gameplay to that perfect balance that most fighting game fans crave. That alone to me, is worth 60 bucks to the devs.

User Info: Istillduno

12 years ago#3
Meh it'll probably on offer or available second hand pretty soon because it's a fighting game (remember finding guilty gear XX accent core on the wii for A FIVER) as long as you don't care about getting it straight at release it will probably end up cheaper then other games so just have a little patience and wait the prices out.
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User Info: Kuri-Kuri-Nyawu

12 years ago#4
I did EVERYTHING in fallout... even got tons of mods and extra random user made content. Lasted me about 2 months.

SC4? Been playing it since launch and I -still- havn't even touched the vs gameplay possibilities the game can offer, and each time I goto a tourny I see new and better strats being shown.

Single player games and mutiplayer games function differently. The difference should not cause one to go up or down in price.

User Info: outcast1398

12 years ago#5
That;s funny b/c SSF II for the SNES was like $80 bucks.. a good 20 over most of the games. I guess back then it had to do with the "megs" remember that :)

Replayability is a huge factor too.. you should really get your monies worth with a game like this that could be hot online for years. Besides the prices are pretty much set on new games.. unless you are a lego title or similar :)

User Info: FistfulOAwesome

12 years ago#6
Thanks to online vs. play a good fighting game (like this one) is completely worth the cash.
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User Info: zero829

12 years ago#7
lol to this topic

User Info: RemakeMe

12 years ago#8
well Fallout and GTA4 should cost less than this game because i'm sure me as well as many others will put alot into ONLINE. I probably put more in SF2 HD REMIX than any of the games i paid for and i got that game for free.
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  3. fighting games should be cheaper than other games.
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