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User Info: woopty doo

woopty doo
11 years ago#1
I've checked out some youtube vids of some online play and I notice that no one attacks while they're swinging. They wait until they land and either zoom in for better aim, jump around like crazy, or do that grapple kick move. But no one's firing their weapon mid-swing. Is it too difficult even for a mouse+keyboard setup, or not possible at all?

User Info: Adair

11 years ago#2
It is indeed possible...at least in the single player game (I have not played multi).
Some of the single player challenges specifically require you to be swinging while shooting to complete the challenge.

I don't know why the multiplayer vids you saw didn't have swing-shooting, maybe the players felt like it was a waste of ammo to try.

User Info: ideeli

11 years ago#3
So is it possible to attack while swinging online? Also, can you throw cars at people like in single player?
"****ing thing SUCKS!!" - Bill O'Reilly

User Info: Corporate_Shado

11 years ago#4
You can shoot while swinging (no zoom though).

You cannot throw objects in Multiplayer.
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  3. Can you attack while swinging?
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