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User Info: jon_dojah

11 years ago#1

the guy complains about trivial things and some are flat out wrong...he complains about the levels being non-sandbox-ish...that like saying Madden would be alot better if you could visit the garlic fries stand but you can't so lets take off points...the game is paying homage to the original in every way from the peashooter pistol to the campy dialog...the weapons were all meant to be generic and simple and they are still cool for that...did he expect this game to be Gears of War or Halo? I don't think Grin ever meant it to be so why complain about it

There's no puzzle-solving is another complaint...WTF? this guy is a joke...

he says its better to use the pistol in multiplayer than zip kicking when you get far more XP points for doing z-kicks, DFA's, airborne/multi-kills...I guess he's a noob online

he even goes on to pretty much say the bionic arm is very cool, BUT not that cool...WTF which is it?

This game should have gotten a higher score than console because the resolution and framerate IS better on PC...as well as the option to use Xbox controller and mouse/keyboard...all his other bad remarks about the game have no bearing on the actual gameplay except for maybe radiation and we all know that if you don't suck at the game radiation should never be a problem. why does lamespot let these turds review hardcore games?

User Info: Jeremy_McCurdy

11 years ago#2
I can kinda see the point about not being an open world game. The game gives you this massive looking city, but in reality you're stuck in one narrow little path surrounded by fatal radiation on all sides and even above the player in most areas.

Even if they didn't make the game fully open world, they could make the levels far less restrictive and more explorable.

The 5.5 score fits pretty well in my opinion. It's not a bad game at all, but it's not great either. Somewhat fun, but not as fun as it should have been. Hopefully they'll make a sequel that's worthy of the name.

User Info: DoctorDoom80

11 years ago#3
The game smacks of missed opportunities- the boss fights are lame (considering Rearmed made them something special - they could have had some Shadow of the Colossus type stuff here), the story is weak, and the "final battle" is a joke.

*Retired from WoW*

User Info: Printul_Noptii

11 years ago#4

Sorry to say that Gamspot but your review for the PC version of Bionic Commando just sucks ! This game is freaking awesome and Capcom did a great job on bringing it to the PC. Okay this game might be linear, short and the radiation and less save points seem out of place, so what ? This game delivers fun and action non stop and thats why it at least deserves a 7-8 in my honest opinion !

User Info: HaxorUrBoxor

11 years ago#5
This game deserves something like a 7, but the port deserves a 5.5.

Few graphical options.
No extra features.
The freaking game thinks you are using a X360 controller!

But i can understand why, the game sold poorly on consoles, no reason to put big effort with the port, like on SF4.
Release the BOGUS! -SMM

User Info: Franko_3

11 years ago#6
Well, Kevin Van'orn is not Brett Todd, if he says a game (port or not) suck, it sucks. It's one of the rare reviewer I trust on this site. Anyway, steam forum are full of angry people that bought the game, that never a good thing to begin with.

User Info: matelian

11 years ago#7

This game is surprisingly good and it should have a score of 8/10

User Info: DoctorDoom80

11 years ago#8
It is a very good game, but I guess what the reviews seem to zero in on is that it could have been an all-time great game.
*Retired from WoW*

User Info: StringKiller

11 years ago#9
I would certainly give it a 8/10, and it is not a 9 because of the port things... I love the old retro feel it has in every way!

User Info: Printul_Noptii

11 years ago#10

Yeah just look at the user ratings and other critics ratings this game gets above 7 and Gampespot gave it a 5.5 -__- do they dont like Pepsi or wtf :)) 5.5 is too low for this game come ooooooon it runs so smooth on my mid range machine I love it and Spencers character is fun, okay he is no Solid Snake or Dante but he fitts perfect into this game I really liked him and hell yeah I will even go along with the story of this game !!! The only true negative things about this game is the short duration of the game and the fact that you cant choose levels after completing the game and there are very few savepoints. The thing with the radiation and linear gameplay is okay, you will get along with it trust me. Overall this game starts pretty slow and gets very cool till the end, just give it a rent at least !

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