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User Info: aqwa

10 years ago#1

u know i never played a the first BC and i actually expected more of this B arm u know ? turns out its just for getting stuck to a wall or kicking things (good thing i dont buy games anymore) XD

User Info: tigerex777

10 years ago#2
I see, you expected the bionic arm to cure aids right?
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User Info: Wonko_Zero

10 years ago#3
He expected it to do hot dogs.

Seriously though, more abilities are unlocked once you get farther in the game, like grabbing enemies and throwing them hundreds of meters away, the zip kick, or the adrenaline attack.

User Info: aqwa

10 years ago#4

well nerds will always be nerds they brag about gaming

User Info: revoscloud

10 years ago#5
And stoopid people always reflect their child-like mentality in their writing.

User Info: Printul_Noptii

10 years ago#6

I also never played the NES classic nor the Rearmed remake of Bionic Commando so I started this game with no background story and no great expectations. Let me tell you this... this game is freakin awesome !!! I think this will be one of the most underrated games this year because it just deserves more then the 5.5 rating. For instance Lost Planet, yes thats rite Lost Planet sucks compared to Bionic Commando but this is just my opinion !!

User Info: Col_Kilgore

10 years ago#7

It is a disappointing game. Don't let elitist morons try to tell you your opinion is wrong because it isn't. I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but I think that it could have been a lot better with a few simple decisions.

User Info: Claptonvaughn

10 years ago#8
A slightly more forgiving save system would've been nice.

After exploring and grabbing every secret item I can find + fighting through a good portion of the level, it's really disheartening to die later and end up respawning at the beginning.

User Info: ensomneac

10 years ago#9

Graphic and audio options would be good, as would a quick-save or better checkpoints.

And more warning and leeway when you enter a radiated area.

One of the most annoying aspects was when I first started playing it.

I was using a keyboard, so for the first few levels, I had to go back to Options regularly just to see the relevant keybindings.

After a few levels, it's no longer an issue, but you shouldn't have to screw around like that.

@aqwa, don't worry about the "if your opinion differs to mine, you must be a moron" crowd. This place is full of them.

It would have been good if the arm had more variation, and you had more power, especially later in the game.

It's obvious how weak you are when you have to fight numerous flying BioMech'swith laser cannons.

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