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  3. what is so important about the collectibles?

User Info: tjshadyluvr

10 years ago#1

What is so important about the collectibles? Do you get anything helpful to the game or is it just unlocking pictures or videos?

User Info: jester1x

10 years ago#2
I think it unlocks pictures. I started out trying to get them all. But, after a while, it doesn't seem worth it. Some of them are in hard to reach areas or aren't available until you possibly get better abilities. I'm about 37% finished right now. As far as I can tell you can replay levels to get the collectibles. I most likely won't bother though.

User Info: maverick6146

10 years ago#3
No, you can NOT replay level to get collectibles or conquer challenges.
The only way to get them is to restart from scratch.

What a lame design.

User Info: HaxorUrBoxor

10 years ago#4
Not worthy at all.

The game is so much better when you don't care about the collectibles.
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User Info: jon_dojah

10 years ago#5
Go for collectibles on your 2nd playthrough...less stressful

User Info: wizardmon

10 years ago#6
This is one of the more noticeable differences between PC gamers and console gamers. We don't care as much about "achievement points"
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User Info: Claptonvaughn

10 years ago#7
I stopped caring after I had spent some time to get a bunch (I figured they contributed to upgrades or special items at the time), only to find out the game has a terrible checkpoint system that not only sends you back quite a ways, but makes you find them all over again.

User Info: ensomneac

10 years ago#8
I would go after every collectible if the game had a quick-save or better placed checkpoints.

Otherwise, it's not worth replaying a level over and over again.
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