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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
9 months ago#1
I've got an outline for an "expansion" upon the AW4 story. I should put it on Reddit soon... -ish. I just find GameFAQs easier to copy-pasta.

What I've written for campaign is broken up into 3 acts, plus 2 bonus/DLC "side quests". Using the AW4 "engine", I'd like to expand the roster and introduce a few new mechanics.

First, I'd like to address the roster. Adding in throwback COs that reference the cast of the previous three games brings the total number to 36 -- the twelve from AW4, plus 24 from AW3 (7 red star, 4 blue moon, 4 yellow comet, 9 black hole). Not counting 5 hidden ones based on "alternate costumes" of the AW4 cast... and then add 15 extras (nods to other Nintendo characters and ones created on this board). Add in a slot for a blank CO, a button for a randomizer, the existing no-CO... and the selection screen will have to be changed. The existing 4x3+1 grid could have scroll-buttons at the sides to have three 4x3 grids with the No-CO and Random buttons at the bottom. It beats trying to expand the grid to 9x4 with square portraits. It would also be convenient to give a function to the (Select) button; specifically to scroll the top-screen to show additional information (like COZ size and specific units boosts).

< [ Will ][Brenner ][ Lin ][Isabella] >
< [ Tasha ][ Gage ][Forsythe][ Waylon ] >
< [ Penny ][Tabitha ][ Nell ][ Sturm ] >
[Random] [ No Co ]
< [ Andy ][ Max ][ Sami ][ Hachi ] >
< [ Jess ][ Colin ][ Sasha ][ Grit ] >
< [ Flak ][ Lash ][ Adder ][ Hawke ] >
[Random] [ No Co ]
< [ Jugger ][ Koal ][ Kindle ][vonBolt ] >
< [ Jake ][ Rachel ][ ?Nero? ][ ?Twin? ] >
< [ ?Mari? ][ ?Juli? ][ ?Zero? ][ ?Aria? ] >
[Random] [ No Co ]
< [ Olaf ][ Eagle ][ Drake ][ Javier ] >
< [ Kanbei ][ Sonja ][ Sensei ][ Grimm ] >
< [ Mario ][ Luigi ][ Peach ][*custom*] >
[Random] [ No Co ]
< [?Tepes ?][?Frank ?][?Romero?][?Lupos ?] >
< [? DLC1 ?][? DLC2 ?][? DLC3 ?][? DLC4 ?] >
< [? DLC5 ?][? DLC6 ?][? DLC7 ?][? DLC8 ?] >

Something to note is that I've removed Greyfield from the original 12 (though I intend for him to be a hidden character selected via code). Nero, Zero, Aria, the Twins, Mari, and Juli are based on original user-submitted CO's from this board. (So are the remakes of the AW3 CO's.) A lot of the choices are going to be more quirky than competitive.

The setting is shortly after the first game, the backdrop will have both the Great War conflict that started these dark days of ruin and Caulder's "Meteor War" that happened in the main game. These scenarios will mainly cover the aftermath between the emerging Lazurian and New Rubinelle colonies and settlements, along with some lingering characters from the main game, and a few unique scenarios to utilize the legacy characters.

In the three acts, the first 15 missions will be "tutorials" (re-)introducing the main game's mechanics while introducing the plot, then 15 actual missions that flesh out the new world, and finally a "climax rush" of 10 stages and one last boss fight to end the game.
-=PakoPako=- (Proud member of board 917023!)
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
9 months ago#2
Not to spoil/bore you with the entire script, here's the basic structure:

Act I
-Exposition current activities of the "good guys"
-Establish drama between civilians and weather, civilians and nations, civilians and military
-Introduce new antagonists
-Remove new antagonists (this is a tutorial after all)
-Tease old antagonists

Act 2
-Recap drama from main game (spoilers, deaths, escapes, etc.)
-Embellish dramas into conflict based on sins -- sloth, greed, pride, envy, anger
--Convincing people to take sides
--Removing small despots
--Inter-city politics
-Introduce new characters and new mechanics
-Cliffhanger that Act-2 was a goose-chase

Act 3
-Re-establish 'missing' characters from main game teased about in Act-1
-Raise the stakes: show new depths of villainy
-Convincing certain antagonists to switch sides
-Defeating the last antagonists
-Teaser ending

It is fairly generic (AW 1~4 followed the same structure), but this is spoiler-free. Here are the map outlines, with (*) denoting new mechanics.

^^Tutorial 1: [[Fog of War]]. [[Direct Combat]].
^^Tutorial 2: [[Merging]], [[Strengths]]. [[Refueling]], [[Terrain]].
^^Tutorial 3: [[Morale*]] and [[Experience]].
^^Tutorial 4: [[Counter-attacks]], [[weather-window*]].
^^Tutorial 5: [[Snow]], [[Sandstorms]].
^^Tutorial 6: [[Ground]] vs [[Air]].
^^Tutorial 7: [[Vision]] at [[Night*]].
^^Tutorial 8: [[Removing Meteors]] and [[Electric Gates]].
^^Tutorial 9: [[Factories]].
^^Tutorial 10: [[CO Unit]], [[CO Zone]], [[CO Power]].
^^Tutorial 11: Test COU vs COU.
^^Tutorial 12: [[ICBM]].
^^Tutorial 13: Mid-term test.
^^Tutorial 14: [[Airports]] and [[Temporary Ports]].
^^Tutorial 15: Final test, [[Rain]], [[Capturing HQ]].

New mechanics (unknown how to implement):
Akin to setting the map in a desert/snow/waste color, "Night" further reduces FoW by -1 vision. This is not weather, it does not go away. It can stack with Rain. Unknown how to treat the CPU to deal with Rain + Night (vision = 0) -- specifically to suicide units into the unknown.

Each unit you destroy from a terrain of lower defense value raises your morale meter (located under your COP-bar) by 1, to a maximum of +5. (e.g. Your counter-attack from plains destroys an enemy on a city.) Conversely, when any of your units is lost on a higher terrain, your morale drops by 1, to a minimum of -5. (e.g. your unit on a mountain is destroyed by an air unit.)
Morale affects the +/- "randomizer" (which swings damage by +/- 10%) during combat. The higher your morale, the more likely you will get the positive modifier. There is a benefit to low morale; each point of negative morale increases the maximum damage by 5% (making the swing -10% to +35%).
This is not a 0-sum game; using your COP also immediately raises your morale by +5.
Having a 0 morale means your 2.5hp attack has an equal chance of doing 2.3~2.8 damage. Having +5 morale means that same attack is 25% more likely going to do 2.8hp. Having -5 morale means that same attack is 25% more likely of going to 2.3... but it could do as much as 3.4 damage.

-Weather window
An icon next to the day-counter: It's a colored square with a white circle. The square represents the weather for the next day (red for dust, blue for snow, black for rain, green for sun). The circle represents the chance that it happens (otherwise today's weather, whatever it is, remains unchanged); the circle, like the sun, can appear in the high, mid, or low positions.

-24h weather implementation
Back to AW1-3.

-New COZ mechanics based on AW 1-3
-=PakoPako=- (Proud member of board 917023!)
"This was brought to you by FRUNGY, the Sport of Kings!"

User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
9 months ago#3
## Mission 1 ~ 4: Fighting in cities. Practice vs 1 CO.
## Mission 5 ~ 7: Battle in forest, cave, and urban settings. Deal with weather, fire, night. Overcoming property handicap, size differential, poor positioning (respectively). 3 different COs to fight.
## Mission 8: 2 vs 2. Learning how the AI functions as an ally.
## Mission 9: Great Owl fight teaser. Deal with map-weapons (pre-existing gun emplacements), daily bombardment.
## Mission 10 ~ 12: Three fights in a city as a 3rd party (1-on-1-on-1) versus six different COs. You must defeat team-C while also keeping team-B alive while not getting killed by either yourself. Maps will get smaller and tighter; the last fight is at night.
## Mission 13 ~ 15: Chase-fights. Adding air/sea units to ground fights. 2nd fight will be 2-vs-2, you pick which CO (ground or support) you want to control leaving the other to AI. 3rd fight will be 2 vs 2, but it's really 1 vs 2; you have to protect your AI's injured unit. Conquer-only map at Night, enemy has no production and must capture yours.

&& Boss Rush 1: Preview fight vs 'Boss'. Control two teams and destroy his COU while dealing with aerial bombardments every other day.
&& Boss Rush 2: Sea/air vs sea/air escort map (at least one lander must survive). 1 v 1 at Night. Deal with aerial bombardments every other day.
&& Boss Rush 3: 1 v 1. Pre-deployed air vs air/ground production. Destroy COU while dealing with aerial bombardments every other day.
&& Boss Rush 4: Control 3 teams and destroy pre-existing gun emplacements while fending off team #4.
&& Boss Rush 5: 1 vs 1 during constantly changing weather.
&& Boss Rush 6: 2 vs 1 in Fog of War. 2nd team is AI-controlled, pre-existing weapons will exist. A new enemy impediment, "satellite", is a destructible Radar-city that can see hidden units during FoW.
&& Boss Rush 7: 1 vs 1, fight during sandstorms.
&& Boss Rush 8 ~ 10: 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3
One map. Survival-style series of fights. Reducing the enemy number to a certain point (or destroying their COU) triggers reinforcements to arrive in the form of another COU and their team.

&& Final Battle: 3 vs 1
Just like Boss Rush 4, but the other 2 allied teams are AI-controlled (and hopefully draw the attention of the boss COP). Weather will occur. Destroy the pre-existing target.

&& Rivals!: 3 vs 1
Hard-mode (think of it like AW3 hard-mode) bonus post-credits fight.

New units:

Tank-jet (replaces Seaplanes)
Replaces Seaplanes in-game. Like a sub, they have a feature after moving called "land/fly".
Landing turns the jet into a tank, flying turns it back to a jet. Ammo/fuel unchanged.
When landed and out of fuel, TJ will sit. When flying and out of fuel, TJ will crash.
Still manufactured by Carriers. Considered as an air, ground, AND sea unit for COP-boost purposes.

Hydrofoil, $18,000
Anti-Tank gun with bolstered range (2 ~ 4 instead of 1~3) on the body of a Cruiser.
Attacks like a B-ship. Cannot target sea units, jets, intercept/fighters. Considered an indirect.
Cannot load copters, instead can load/refuel Gunboats (1 at a time).
Costs more than Cruisers, but defense is like a Cruiser (vs subs, bombers, etc).
-=PakoPako=- (Proud member of board 917023!)
"This was brought to you by FRUNGY, the Sport of Kings!"

User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
9 months ago#4
Sidequest A will revolve around discovering monsters attacking outposts: Olaf; Eagle & Drake; Tepes, Frank, Romero, & Lupos
Sidequest B will revolve around a third, underground, kingdom of colonies: Kanbei, Sonja, & Sensei; Grimm & Javier; Mario, Luigi, & Peach
Sidequest C will test how well Nintendo-based DLC can work: Wario; Alfonse, Marth, & Roy
-=PakoPako=- (Proud member of board 917023!)
"This was brought to you by FRUNGY, the Sport of Kings!"
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