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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
8 months ago#11
I've finally began to play AW3 this week. It really is what I was expecting, which is... mostly bad. But it is still enjoyable.

It got me thinking of what a "secondary important unit" could be for AW 5. I want to combine the best things of AW4 (COU, improved-scouting, unit exp) with the best things of AW3 (using two COs at once) while taking out the worst things of AW3 (using two COs at once).

I have come up with a "striker" system, tentatively phrased "co-advisor" (CA), based on both the adviser "6th man" role in Destiny of an Emperor and the alt-striker system of King of Fighters 99.

The CA will have map-wide property-related powers. It is minor, but it should modestly change deployment maps. The COU can switch with the CA at HQ/base (realistically it should be HQ-only, but that would be too restrictive); it ends the COU's action and the COP-bar remains unchanged (unless going to a CO with no COP; the bar then zeroes).

This also relates to my huge-roster idea -- https://gamefaqs.com/boards/943675-/76644216/ -- I thought of the idea of Lin getting swamped under all of New Rubinelle's paperwork and wound up giving each CO a CA profile. Kinda like a "hobbies" page. For simplicity's sake, all COs will be preset with one of these archetypes rather than have a unique CA ability. (Evenly split among the 50-ish CO's.)

Architect: Makes recovering HP on bases cheaper by 50%
Bureaucrat: Makes capturing your allied bases harder by -2 per turn
Diplomat: Makes capturing enemy (not neutral) bases easier by +2 per turn
Engineer: Property repairs are +1 HP at cost
Great Chef: Bases give 10% more cash
Legendary: When transferring out, gives incoming +5 COP (50%)
Mediator: Makes capturing neutral bases easier by +3 per turn
Secretary : Makes buying new vehicles (not repairs) faster; -5% cost

Three CA types are capture-bonuses: offense, defense, and early-game focused.
Three CA types are money-related; Engineer speeds up recovery (at extra cost).
Legendary is only for Forsythe; it makes him a boon for 0-COZ COs; despite his altered omnipresent CO-power, he needs to tag OUT at HQ/base.

I am undecided if I want to have 2 CA's be a possible outcome to a map, if the player can choose who will be the COU first, or if, like AW3, pick beforehand who will be the first awaiting to be COU and who starts as a CA.

For the custom-CO (which uses AW3's "added skills" idea -- skills are unlocked as you progress through story; beating normal unlocks most skills, beating hard-mode unlocks the rest), Legendary is unavailable, but these five additional archetypes are:

Conqueror: Adds +1 to any property capture -- less effective, but more versatile.
Inept Lead: New units cost 30% less, but come at 8 HP -- if they aren't blown up, it's still a 10% savings over Secretary's 5%
Partisan: Adds +1 vision to properties to a minimum of 1 -- makes FoW/Night capture missions much less scary.
Vacationer: Makes buying new air/sea vehicles cheaper; -10% cost
Zealously: All produced units are +1 XP -- very potent offense-builder (should cost be increased +5% ?)

For the core-12:
Will's specialty is being a Secretary; he approves new vehicles quickly
Brenner is a Bureaucrat, able to stonewall poor ideas
Lin is a silver-tongued Diplomat who convinces others
Isabella is finally a Great Chef, finding ways to feed the hungry
Tasha is an Architect, turning her rage into quick repairs
Gage, ever the professional Engineer, spends his extra time repairs Tasha's repairs
Forsythe is the man, the mustache, the Legendary CO
Waylon carries his defensive skills to the courts as a Bureaucrat
Not knowing what else to do, Penny spends extra on extra repairs as Engineer
For the ignorant, Tabitha will show them no mercy as Mediator
Caulder is a culinary master; a Great Chef. Fascinating!
-=PakoPako=- (Proud member of board 917023!)
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
8 months ago#12
Using an example of Forsythe (CO)/Tabitha (CA), you can capture neutral properties with a 7 HP soldier in 2 days thanks to Tabitha as acting Mediator (+3 to capturing neutral properties).

When you make a Forsythe COU, then tag him out with Tabitha, Forsythe then becomes the CA... but he has no active CA powers. While Forysthe is sitting at base/HQ, you no longer get the +3 capture bonus because Tabitha is out in the field (or awaiting her turn if her COU was destroyed).

But Forsythe's CA power enabled Tabitha to enter his CO unit with her COP-bar half-filled. In the early game, it is likely to be an Infantry (because this is Forsythe), but Tabitha can use her expanded CO zone to at least power up her COP.

For any preemptive observations that the old man and the psycho are too OP, Tabitha's CA only affects the early part of a match. After switching Tabitha in as CO, you might as well keep Tabitha there permanently as switching out to Forsythe and back to Tabitha would take three days at base/HQ for that +5 COP-bar. (Day 1: COU Tabby and tag out to Forsythe. Day 2: Forsythe tags out to Tabby. Day 3: Tabby can act again.) Tabitha could have knocked out two units and advanced with her army in that time, improving her position while getting +4 to her COP-bar. And Forsythe does nothing as CA.
-=PakoPako=- (Proud member of board 917023!)
"This was brought to you by FRUNGY, the Sport of Kings!"

User Info: TsundereAmiChan

7 months ago#13
I'd kill for another Advance Wars. Course, Intelligent is way too focused on Fire Emblem these days, which saddens me because AW does everything better.
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User Info: satoka-eldon

7 months ago#14
TsundereAmiChan posted...
I'd kill for another Advance Wars. Course, Intelligent is way too focused on Fire Emblem these days, which saddens me because AW does everything better.

I might've agreed ten years ago, but no longer. FE has come a very long way in terms of gameplay mechanics. Overall, I'd say AW1 or AW4 are about even with the 3DS FE games. Both series frequently suffer from poor map design, though.

It was only FE Echoes that reminded me of the absurd slug-fests that you can easily get into in AW, with both sides producing basically evenly-matched units. (Factories being equivalent to summoning units, e.g. cantors, of course.)
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