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User Info: GipFace

3 years ago#1

Yeah! The old WR was 3:40:25 by Deln, and I knew that could be improved greatly. I kept planning and practicing until I could get it under 1 hour.

Highlights include all the suicide speed missions: C5, C7, C10, C16, C20, and C25. C14 is also a good watch since many people have had difficulty with that mission. Mistakes are at C17, C21, and C24 (see YouTube description). I can definitely improve this time, but for now, I'll be happy with sub-1 hour! Enjoy!


C1: The game tells you to retreat your bike. By not doing so, you save a text box, plus the recon moves into range of your reinforcements.

C5: This level is supposed to teach you how to build units. Instead, it's the first suicide speed mission! The 2 artillery guarding the HQ are on park mode and will never move, allowing your bike to sneak into the HQ. The rest of your units are used as bait and decoys. Who needs to build units?

C7: Second suicide speed mission. The b-copter and south antiair are used as bait to lure the enemy air units away from the HQ. I save near the end because the antiair vs. duster is 75%, and the antiair must damage the duster to 2hp so that the capping bike doesn't get hurt.

C10: Third suicide speed mission. Moves here are intricate and complex in order to force the war tank into the corner so that your two dusters can trap it. Your fighter scares off the enemy air units.

C11: You might wonder why the enemy gunboats don't attack. That's because they're on defensive mode and don't consider your gunboats to be a threat! I head right towards the HQ, then bait the artillery with another gunboat to prevent it from going back.

C13: Gunboat movement in the beginning is to bait the enemy artillery to go west. I save at the end of day 2 because Greyfield must not disable rigs. In this run, he disabled infantry, so all is good!

C14: One of the killer missions is done in six days! The enemy battleship is crippled so that your missiles is fresh enough to bait the seaplane. Many people don't realize that the plasma barrier is easy to remove early on by using both of your indirect units on the east meteor.

C16: Pacifist mission. I don't attack once, resulting in a B-rank. I could easily attack and get an S-rank at the cost of a few seconds, but this is more amusing to watch.

C17: Oops. I accidentally place the Tasha COU bomber in range of the missiles. :(

C20: The second killer mission! Three save points here because the AI reacts differently depending on whether its dusters are at 2hp or 3hp. The AI is tricked into building a bomber, allowing you to fly right to the HQ.

C21: Ugh, why didn't I finish off that last battleship...

C22: The only level with a HQ in which the HQ isn't captured. The indirect-unit defense around the enemy HQ is just too much, so it's just faster to rout. At nearly 6 minutes, this is the longest mission in the run.

C25: This is probably the most spectacular suicide speed mission. Multiple decoys are used to bait the antiair and the Tabitha COU fighter.

C26: And the run ends with a bang, clearing the last mission in just 5 days and with no additional units built. Two save points are used to ensure that the east spawn area remains blocked.

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
3 years ago#2
Man, I need a free hour to sit down and watch the whole thing.

The bits and pieces I've seen so far are cool.
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User Info: 3_1_1_FTW

3 years ago#3
Nice job. Glad to see you're still playing Advance Wars. Was your group the Big Three or the Big Four?

It's upsetting that Nintendo has abandoned the franchise. Don't gamers nowadays still like Turn-Based Strategy?
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