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User Info: Evilzuma

9 years ago#1
Does cash ever get more plentiful in the game?
I have most of my shops up to the 3rd level, but pretty much one purchase wipes out my savings. (stupid cheap treasure chests give only 10 gold sometimes)
It's not a huge deal really as one hit pretty much kills all the enemies I'm at and only some bosses do more then one point of damage, but I wouldnt' mind getting the best stuff available. Is it better to buy as you go, save the cash and buy the best once you upgrade the shops fully or is the blacksmith the way to go?
A lot of games start out stingy with the money but then you end up with more then you'll ever need, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this game. Any advice?

User Info: ThaiUser

9 years ago#2
Try to go in any dungeon that does NOT have a boss. Normally, around the middle to end game will net you a high price gem at the final stage. Keep going in, pick up the game, and warp out. You will get used to the map. Don't bother picking up Rolling ball or Glass ball because it is such a waste of space. Pick up anything else and sell them all. Keep only 1 revive item, 1 status potion (antidote & maybe purify water). Use only 1 weapon & 1 armor. That's all.

Oh, if you want to get new weapon, buy only the one you want. Use the upgrade (black smith) to do change it later on if you want. Don't buy DEMON weapon. Buy only armor when you need one.

Oh, and there are more Mithil & Coal than you need in the game if you have already place the shop at a spot that requires only 3 to upgrade...
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