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  3. This game looks kinda iffy.....

User Info: rockmanzxomega

9 years ago#1
Really, like every time I go to a Gamestop I see quite a few of this game, does it suck or is it a decent game? Ive never really had a hands-on experience with this one. Ive been looking at it not for the sake of buying but wondering what the heck the game is. It looks strange.

User Info: GeoX

9 years ago#2
I bought it recently in spite of the dubious reviews, because it looked interesting, and I'm not disappointed. The dungeon system is novel, and even though it can get a little monotonous, I still was motivated to keep playing. The story seems dull at first, but at a certain point, surprisingly, it actually starts to get really interesting. Overall, I'd rate it a solid B or B+.
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User Info: seraph6283

9 years ago#3
I haven't play it much yet (only bought it this pass Friday and had to work this weekend both days/nights). That said the game play is challenging/thought provoking if a bit repetitive at time (but then all video games are repetitive to some extent). The learning curve isn't very steep but it is a game you have to play with full attention and not casually in order to do well in it. I would also it is a game you have to play in the right then and now but at the same time you have to think a few steps a head as well to plan your movement, resource gathering, enemy ass kicking, etc.

User Info: Zerschmetterteru

9 years ago#4
I've been to every Gamestop in my area trying to find this game and have come up empty handed. I guess I shouldn't have waited so long to finally buy it.
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User Info: gigikun

9 years ago#5
it fails dont get it

User Info: K_Guan

9 years ago#6
No one is buying it, that's why they are always there

User Info: wbloechel

9 years ago#7
hmm interesting
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User Info: Dorfl_2

9 years ago#8
Zerschmetterteru, you should be able to get it really cheap online.
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  3. This game looks kinda iffy.....
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