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User Info: LBoksha

8 years ago#71
Just thought I'd add something on the off chance anyone ever attempts this mission and forgets their wire:
For Salamandra/Salamox, you do not necessarily need a warp wire to get out of its nest. The south wall of the middle exclamation mark cell has a one-way passage to the area directly south of the nest.
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
5 years ago#72
jonnymar posted...
“The full list of conditional drops are as follows. If they're not listed here, they're not conditional:
Colossus: Red Spine (95%, Don't kill with Cut/Bash/Stab Elements)

You may not use Pierce either. i just found out the hard, not-gettin-50k-drop way.
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User Info: tuffymon

4 years ago#74
So many necroposts~ but ah well, i may as well add to the mix~

On floor 9 according to zaraf's maps, event 5 allows you to rest at night... which may be the case IF you've been doing the quests?? i haven't been doing many~

For me the guard is tired during the day, and sleeps during the night, and you get the option to steal his coins, for a pretty hefty 2000 en. Course if you talk to him again, hes paranoid about sleeping, due to losing his entire salary, which you feel is justified by him sleeping on the job >.>;

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You're at a loss for words... Especially since you alone know the truth of the matter.

It must have been some damn monster that eats money! This forest is one big hellhole!

You feel as though you should leave before your conscience gets the better of you.

which of course, i'm sure ruins any attempt at making event 5 work in the future?

User Info: Karpze

1 year ago#75

User Info: Gum

1 year ago#76
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