first and 2nd EO

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User Info: InfinitelyTrue

9 years ago#1
if i haven't played the first EO, would it be better to play that one first?

or are the 2 games totally separate? if so, should i just get the 2nd EO then, since i hear there are upgrades to the map and stuff?

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User Info: sarcasteak

9 years ago#2
Totally separate. Play EO2 for now, and if you like it and want more, play EO.
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User Info: ButtercupSaiyan

9 years ago#3
I enjoyed EOI immensely, but—that said—the stories are not related.
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User Info: davidst439

9 years ago#4
It's hard to go back and play EO1 after playing 2. EO1 looks a little primitive after 2.

User Info: AllSystemsGo

9 years ago#5
While it does david, it also has different abilities. The Alchemist has poison in 1. The Protector had Defender while the Medic has Immunize. I think the varying skill sets will allow EO1 to be played again.

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