Hahahahaha *1st floor spoilers*

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  3. Hahahahaha *1st floor spoilers*

User Info: AllSystemsGo

9 years ago#1

The venom flies are back and better than ever! If you input a password, it even says that your experience in your last adventure makes you feel uneasy about resting in the woods. Love little hints from the old game like this.

User Info: DragonShogun77

9 years ago#2
Yeah. Even if you choose NO you still get attacked. ROFLMAO!!!

User Info: AllSystemsGo

9 years ago#3
Really? Haha! I knew they would show up, so I decided to rest anyways. Loved that fight in EO1.

User Info: annonymous2k6

9 years ago#4
so what transfers over
im a random poster.

User Info: DoctorNeko

9 years ago#5
I rested there and no venomflies. It's by chance.
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User Info: Darkastral

9 years ago#6
holy ****ing crap...

I stumbled into the room, and my whole party died of poison -_-
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User Info: DarthTyranus69

9 years ago#7
Dont feel bad i died there too. :(

I kind of like the suspense of not knowing what might be behind door #1. I mean i really feel like iam on this great adventure and anything can happen.

So far this game has been amazing though. Iam loving the balance with the classes now. Every class has it special uses. And there is synergy between some of the classes.
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  2. Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard
  3. Hahahahaha *1st floor spoilers*

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