Anyone playing tyhis???

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User Info: Nafe

10 years ago#1
Why is there no reviews on this game is anyone playing it??

User Info: madman23

10 years ago#2

Looks like it's been out for a while, but I've never heard of it.

Downloading now....

User Info: Krypto_USA

10 years ago#3
I downloaded it, it seemed promising, then I made the mistake of buying it. Then I started to find out all the little problems, bugs and plain stupid things with the game. Like: Landing on a planet and finding a city is ridiculous. You need to fly around the entire planet to find a city, and once found, it looks like something a kid would make out of cardboard. I also kept having problems where I'd seem to go right through a planet and end up god-knows-where. There were other things that irked me, but I don't remember what they were. Oh...buying the game is a real treat. It's like ordering a car from Germany. What a crock. I'd say just plunk around with the demo and leave it at that. Good luck.

User Info: jbedford

10 years ago#4

Very good indeed.

For anybody looking for that elusive Elite remake... this is getting very close.

User Info: geldonyetich

10 years ago#5
The StarWraith team has put together a reasonably good homebrew Elite game, but no matter how many names they assign to it, it's a far cry from the elegance of Descent: Freespace or Freelancer. (Granted, it's not really fair comparing any game to those marvels.)

User Info: adecoy95

10 years ago#6
just buy x3, or darkstar one

User Info: tweekanic

10 years ago#7
i dunno what you're talking about "ordering it is like ordering a car from germany" i get the 25MB download, which is insanely small, then you just click "buy full game" which is only 25 dollars, then you get the code, enter it, and you have the full game
and are you playing a hack version or something? you cant fly through kinda explode when you hit the surface
personally i very much enjoy this game and i wish it had a larger fan community, it has great multiplayer potential, its just so unheard of sadly.
speaking of that, i havent tried the multiplayer as of yet...anyone wanna play together? lol

User Info: Krypto_USA

10 years ago#8

They've got some convoluted process to order the game with a credit card that I've never seen before. It took nearly a week. Sorry, the game is a piece of junk. And I flew through the planet because of a was pretty freaky, but guess happened more than once!

And the cities on the planet surface? You don't think they look totally stoopid? Nah...this game isn't worth the trouble. Sorry I wasted my time.

User Info: _SpaceGamer_

10 years ago#9

"just buy x3, or darkstar one"

Uhm, neither of those games have multiplayer... at all. Neither of those games has a seamless universe. Neither of those games let you descend into planets (like it or hate it). Neither of those games let you design your own ship from parts, including scaling and positioning. Neither of those games have full freedom of movement netwonian control. Neither of those games have... well you can read about many of the other differences yourself at the game's website.

Lol, Krypto, this game is definitely not for you, glad someone like you hates it :) Or at least two aspects about it. 'Piece of junk' endorsements from you and your opinions give the game much more merit in my opinion, lol.

User Info: MIG-29

10 years ago#10
Freelancer is the last freespace arcadey simulation game that I am keen on... Now I demand Freelancer 2! And make it support joystick. Anyway..
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