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  3. Damn! 8-10 hours in and I lost my game save!
Maximum Overdrive 6 years ago#1
Err! I was almost done with the campaign when my game froze on a loading screen. I let it run for 20 minutes before I accepted the inevitable and restarted my PS3. Of course, I already knew that the save was done for but I crossed my fingers anyway.

The game booted up and what do you know? It says no saves detected. I go to save data utility on the XMB and it's definitely corrupted.

I tried deleting Game Data as if it would work. Of course, it didn't. I don't have PS+ so I couldn't save a file online.

Anyone else get screwed over?
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User Info: zillazero

6 years ago#2
Man... I am indeed sorry to hear this. I know exactly how you feel. It didn't happen on this game (yet...) but it happened RIGHT before I finished Splinter Cell (first one) on the Splinter Cell HD Trilogy Collection.

What a freaking disaster!

So, I know that feeling all too well. It was devastating (in a first world tragic kind of way lol)

I mean, I was literally on the last level when it happened and I too had no back up. So after reading about how common this was with that title I bought a USB thumb drive and backed up all the time but it still happened several more times

I just didnt have to completely restart from scratch but STILL always lost an hour or so.

Sorry man... It's pathetic that this kind of thing still happens as often as it does.
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User Info: marcussl55

6 years ago#3
So wait if the game data gets corrupted, theres no way of deleting it?
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User Info: Dr_Kain

6 years ago#4
Thank the gods for online storage...
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User Info: carib2g

6 years ago#5
Happened to me too bro. I wasn't nearly as far in as you though...I might have tossed it in the garbage if I was though...

What I've resorted to doing now, is playing 1 level at a time, then quitting and backing up my save to a USB device.

That's my suggestion, to guard against it (inevitably) happening again.

My 2 cents.
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User Info: squon8888

6 years ago#6
Im about to sell this game, it just froze and have to restart a whole level again

User Info: FlameBeast4000

6 years ago#7
The same thing just happened to my brother, but he was only two hours in. The game froze during a loading screen, and after he did a hard shutdown the save was corrupted. He restarted, but it didn't take long for it to happen again, this time after a weird audio clipping glitch. This is probably the worst thing that can happen when playing a game, especially a game as good as this one.

User Info: Grendel Prime

Grendel Prime
6 years ago#8
marcussl55 posted...
So wait if the game data gets corrupted, theres no way of deleting it?

No. What he's saying is that the save file was corrupted, and that he tried to see if deleting the game data would somehow mend the save file, but it did not. I would assume he deleted the corrupted save file shortly thereafter, as it would be useless and beyond recovering.
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User Info: Fenixx

6 years ago#9
I only just started playing a little bit ago and was messing around on the first level. Quit back to the main menu, tried loading up a new game on a different difficulty and it locked up on the loading screen. So I had to manually shut down the PS3 and when I fired the game back up, it had deleted all save data that I had. I wasn't worried since I was going to start over anyway but still, in my 20+ years of gaming I've never had any kind of corrupt data or deleted saves so it was still pretty disappointing. Hopefully this won't be an issue and they maybe think about patching it if they can.
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  3. Damn! 8-10 hours in and I lost my game save!
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