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User Info: Jak253

1 year ago#1
Note: I'm playing as "Sam"/Eric.

EVENT ONE: This happens after you get James, but before you get back your memory. Stay at the first cave/seashore base. Claire tells you about how she nearly drowned. (NOTE: It has to be before Eric get his memory back! He must still think he’s Sam or this will not happen, and you can't trigger any of the other scenes!)

-After EVENT ONE you can continue the game normally (while raising your relationship with Claire), until Eric gets his memory back.

(NOTE: This I’m not sure of: If you have a very high relationship with Claire EVENT TWO may happen if you’re staying in the lab & before you get Kumiko.)

-Once you find & awaken Kumiko go back the first cave & stay. The next day explore outside & do whatever till 9:55pm. At 10:00pm enter the cave & (if you have a high relationship with Claire) EVENT TWO will occur.

EVENT TWO: Occurs when you enter the cave at 10:00pm & you both can't sleep and stay up talking. And then you’ll have a choice.

-I choose the third option, "accept it", which made Claire happy.

-Also by staying at the first cave (after you found & awaken Kumiko), you’ll trigger the “accessories” scene (& be able to make necklaces), which is needed for EVENT THREE.

EVENT THREE: By this time Eric & Claire should be holding hands. This happens if you take her to the plateau near where Kumiko crashed, pass the plane, & head way up the far northern part. Go between 4-6pm on a good weather day.


In order finally trigger EVENT THREE here’s how I got it:

-Trigger the “accessories” scene; Eric will remember a “song”.

-Trigger Eric’s memory of seeing cherry blossoms with his family. This happens late in the game, when you find the real Sam.

-Finally take Claire to the plateau at 3:00pm (again you must be holding hands) & wait. At 3:55pm, the scene at last triggered for me. ;)

I hope this helps future LIB3 players. :D
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  3. READ! How to get "Sam" & Claire's relationship events. -spoilers-
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