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User Info: ImaginaMagica

8 years ago#1

I've had this game for like... three years now, but I'm still trying to figure this out:

How do you hunt animals with the large traps? How long does it take? (Any other tips?)

User Info: Rainmaker59

8 years ago#2
I don't think I used traps in LiB3 since I only played as Claire. But the way they work in all the other LiB games (and most likely this one too) is this:

Select a map area where you've seen large game (boar, deer, goats) to lay your large traps. You can leave the area and return later (the same day if you have time or the next day) or you can stay in the area. A large trap will last 1-3 days depending on the quality of the material used. I generally stayed in the area. If you see an animal that you'd like to trap, watch it for a short while to see if you can gauge where it is likely to head and lay a trap where you think it will go. The animals never walk in a straight line. I typically laid several large traps around the map area.

Once you have an animal trapped, shoot it with the bow and arrow. Good quality arrows will take it down on the first shot, lower quality sometimes require a second arrow. The trap will be used up after it's caught an animal. I'm not sure how long an animal will remain caught in a trap. I suppose it's affected by the quality of the trap. I've had instances where I've laid traps and returned the next day to find an animal caught in one.

Can you domesticate a goat or chicken in this game like you can in the others? I can't remember. If you can, here is something to note. Large game will not appear in a map area where you are keeping a domesticated goat or chicken. The game will only generate one animal in a map area at a time and the domesticated animal would be that one. You can solve this by moving to another area or allowing you "pet" to die.

If you spend the day hunting but have no success, you can quit without saving and start the day over.
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User Info: VeedoEWU

8 years ago#3
Rainmaker, you have such an awesome memory!

The difference with LIB3 when it comes to hunting is that you won't see the large game after the initial "trigger" of the sightings like you do in LIB2. I know, bad Konami!

The goat is ALWA"YS going to be in the field area. There are 3 patches of grass by the "jump" place to the Jungle. The middle patch of grass is where you plant the large trap. You MUST leave the area and return...sometimes repeating that several times. If you have caught an animal, you will hear it screaming. I always used the lab hatch to the field and then when I "go up the stairs" from the lab out the hatch, I could hear the goat.

The deer is always in the jungle river area at the exit/entrace to the swamp up in the corner. There are ropes and logs there too. You build your raft there. Over by the logs on the right side is where I always catch the deer.

The boar is on the other side of the jungle river area. You can get there by raft or from the field entrance and go down to the raft area. Plant the trap to your right of the raft spot then go in and out of the field....again, once the game is caught, you will hear it scream.

Hope this gets you going. :)
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